The Relationship Personality Profile Quiz.

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 859
The Relationship Personality Profile Quiz.
Many couples discover their partner is different from them in more ways than they would have thought at the beginning of the relationship. A couple’s personality type starts to develop from the first days and as you grow up together, it engrains and influences the way you interact with each other. This is why sometimes you feel like your partner is driving you crazy and at other times you can’t Read more understand what’s bothering them. Take this quiz to discover your relationship personality profile and see how you can improve things in each case. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What birthday gift would you give to your partner?

A. Something they need

B. Sexy lingerie and a teddy bear

C. A bungee jumping voucher

D. Nothing or something generic

2. What is your favorite pastime activity?

A. Exercising or taking some classes together

B. Romantic dinners, picnics, long walks

C. Going to parties or backpacking

D. Watching TV or inviting some friends over

3. What is the most important thing in your relationship?

A. To make the right choices and have a good life

B. To offer and receive love

C. To have fun together

D. To make money together and accumulate wealth

4. What is your attitude when discussing important issues with your partner?

A. Being rational and knowledgeable

B. Being empathetic and caring

C. Being open-minded and thinking out of the box

D. Knowing what's good and what's bad

5. How do you greet your partner?

A. With a handshake and a smile

B. With a kiss and a hug

C. With a joke and then a kiss

D. With a raised eyebrow because they did something wrong again

6. What kind of person are you looking for in a relationship?

A. A smart and wise person

B. A caring and passionate person

C. Someone who knows how to enjoy life

D. Someone who doesn't bother me too much

7. What do you do when your partner is in a bad mood?

A. I ask them what happened

B. I hug them and ensure them of my support

C. I say a joke to make them feel better

D. Nothing

8. What do you focus on during an argument with your partner?

A. On finding a solution that suits us both

B. On being gentle and understanding their reasons

C. On getting over it fast

D. On proving I am right

9. Do you often say “I love you”?

A. No, because we already know that

B. Yes, every day

C. Yes, between fights

D. No, we think it's silly

10. How do you make decisions in your relationship?

A. We discuss it together with pros and cons

B. We do what we feel

C. Each one does whatever they feel like and sometimes we fight

D. There are not too many common decisions to make

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