Quiz: What Is the Special Bond Between You and Your Partner?

9 Questions | Total Attempts: 34
Quiz: What Is the Special Bond Between You and Your Partner?
There are hundreds of ways significant others bond with their lovers. It can be through daily activities such as eating or simply watching a movie. As unique as these bonds are, it becomes more special when only the two of you know about that bond. It's the secret bond that ties both of you together on a Saturday night. Is your bond unique or entirely customized? Or is it through simple, enjoyable activities? In this quiz, we will try to guess what your bond is with your significant other.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you both go out?

A. Sometimes

B. Rarely

C. Very often

2. What is your partner's favorite thing to do?

A. Play movies and TV shows

B. Cuddling with me

C. Take an hour-long walk in the wilderness

3. What is your favorite thing to do?

A. Participate in entertainment

B. Being close and loving towards my partner

C. Going on nature adventurous

4. Do both of you stay inside for the majority of the time?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No

5. What is the best way to spend time together?

A. Watching comedy films

B. Relaxing together and watching a romance film

C. Spend time together traveling and exploring out in the open

6. What activity strikes both of your interests'?

A. Playing video games

B. Being intimate

C. Adventures and exploring

7. Does going out and participating in adventure sound good to you?

A. Maybe

B. No

C. Of course

8. Does your bond include a lot of romance?

A. No

B. Absolutely

C. Somewhat

9. Is entertainment and watching movies, shows, and playing video games ideal for bonding?

A. Of course

B. No

C. Somewhat

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