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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 857 | Updated: Aug 01, 2022
Trustworthiness Quiz- Would I Ever Trust Him Again?

People could be very sensitive in a relationship but also very vulnerable. They could be more manipulated by their partners because most believe in fairy tales, and that everything should always have a happy ending. 

They seem to ignore that a happy ending may mean being alone but happy because they had too many trust issues in their past relationship. So, when it comes to you, what should you do? Should you ever trust him again? Take our Trustworthiness Quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think you had enough self-confidence before you started your relationship?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Yes, because you are strong enough to end relationships

D. You think so, but you are no sure

2. Do you control his phone?

A. No, why should you do that?

B. Yes, because you want to make sure that he doesn't play you

C. No, because you have too much self-confidence

D. No, because you trust him enough not to

3. Do you ask who he talks to when he is online or on the phone?

A. No, because you also talk to people when you are online

B. No, because you know that you are irreplaceable

C. No, because you have other things to think about

D. Yes, because you don't trust men in general

4. Do you think your man is a flirt?

A. Yes, because he is good looking

B. Yes, because he used to be a womanizer

C. Yes, because you've seen him in action several times

D. No, not really

5. Have  you ever felt threatened by the presence of another woman?

A. Yes, it's only natural

B. Yes, because your partner has cheated on you several times

C. Yes, because you don't trust women in general

D. No, because you trust in yourself

6. What do you think can lead you not to trust your partner ever again?

A. Him cheating on you

B. Him lying to you

C. Him hiding something from you

D. You can't think of a single thing

7. Are you happy and calm by yourself when he is out with his friends?

A. No, because you don't always know what he does when he is out

B. No, because he has once done some terrible things

C. No, because he once cheated on you

D. Yes, because what will happen, will happen

8. How fast does it take you to forgive?

A. A few hours

B. A few days

C. A few years

D. You never forgive

9. Does he enjoy going out with you?

A. Yes, because he loves you

B. Yes, because it's an opportunity for him to prove himself

C. No, because he is not free to do whatever he wants to

D. No, because you ask too many questions

10. How many times has he forgotten to come back home on time, without warning you?

A. Too many times that you've lost count

B. He has done it at least once

C. He has done it, but more recently

D. He has never done that

11. How many times have you forgiven him in the past?

A. A couple of times

B. A good number of times with an assurance that he won’t repeat the mistakes

C. Many times

D. I usually overreact at times when it’s not his fault

12. Does he ask for forgiveness each time he is at fault?

A. Yes

B. Often

C. Rarely

D. I refuse to forgive him

13. Do you both have the same ideals of the relationship?

A. Yes

B. Almost

C. Not at all

D. It usually changes for me

14. What, according to him, makes him repeat the mistakes and lose self-control?

A. He doesn’t think through

B. He just feels irked with me

C. Lack of self-control

D. My anger

15. What’s the best thing, according to him, about your relationship with him?

A. The love

B. The fun

C. Living in the present

D. The space

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