The Ultimate Halloween Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 73
The Ultimate Halloween Quiz
Preparing together for Halloween? This celebration is much fun for couples and single people alike – spooky parties, scary games, and preparing candy. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the Halloween celebration! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Halloween is rooted from which ancient Celtic celebration?

A. Samhain

B. All Saints' Day

C. All Souls' Day

D. Yule

2. Which of the following contain magical properties according to Celtic tradition?

A. Turning points

B. Pumpkins

C. Swords

D. Black cats

3. What is  the “All Souls’ Day” celebration also called?

A. Los Dias de los Muertos

B. Los Dias de los Vivos

C. Los Dias de los Guapos

D. Los Dias de los Santos

4. What organization do people usually use to raise money on Halloween in the United States?


B. Hungry No More

C. The church

D. World Wildlife Fund

5. What percentage of children in the US go trick-or-treating or do other Halloween-related activities on October 31st?

A. 85-90

B. 10-20

C. 50-60

D. 10

6. Which one of the following vegetables was originally used to make Jack-o’-lanterns?

A. Turnips

B. Potatoes

C. Tomatoes

D. Onions

7. Which one of the following groups does not oppose Halloween?

A. Children

B. Some schools

C. The Church

D. Wiccans

8. What was traditionally used as “treats” during Halloween before being replaced by candy today?

A. Soul cakes

B. Apples

C. Money

D. Halloween costumes

9. Which fruit was often used in Celtic divination rituals?

A. Apples

B. Pears

C. Cherries

D. Bananas

10. What common U.S. celebration comes after Halloween?

A. Thanksgiving

B. All Souls' Day

C. Christmas

D. All Saints' Day

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