Quiz: Halloween Couple's Costume for You and Your Partner

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 23
Quiz: Halloween Coupleu2019s Costume for You and Your Partner
Halloween is fun for our little ones because they get to wear their favorite costumes and get to receive and eat lots of candy. But Halloween is not just a festival for the children. You can find exciting and joyous ways to make this holiday fun by indulging in some out-of-the-box celebration with themed costumes or matching outfits. Halloween can be even more fun for grown-ups, especially when celebrating with their other half and friends. You can put on a quirky costume and enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone. But what do you think you and your beau should be wearing for Halloween? Take our quiz and find out the best Halloween couple’s costume for you and your partner.

Questions Excerpt

1. What does Halloween mean to you?

A. A time to party with your partner

B. A time to have fun with everyone you love

C. A time to dress up and look fabulous

D. A time to take a break from routine things

2. Did you fall in love because you saw your partner as a god/goddess?

A. Yes, attraction is a big part of our relationship right now

B. No, we see each other as real people

C. No, we see each other as our other halves

D. No, we just found each other attractive

3. Are you and your lover very close?

A. Yes, we are fun and goofy together

B. Whenever it is needed

C. Yes, we have been through a lot together

D. No, things are new right now

4. Do you have more fun together or by yourself?

A. Together

B. By yourself

C. It depends

D. Neither one of them because I am a difficult person to please

5. Do you and your lover share goals all the time?

A. Yes, but we keep things light

B. Yes, we keep things real

C. Not really

D. No, but I wish we do eventually

6. How does your group of friends describe you?

A. As a great team together

B. As two lovebirds in a strong partnership

C. As lovers in the honeymoon bliss

D. As a beautiful couple

7. Do you see yourselves as people who complete one another?

A. Yes, we do

B. Yes, we function well together

C. I haven’t thought about it yet

D. Sometimes

8. Do you feel like your life has improved ever since you’ve been with your partner?

A. Yes, we have gone through some tough things together

B. No, nothing has changed yet

C. Yes, I have found my other half

D. Kind of

9. Do you and your lover accept each other for what/who you truly are?

A. Yes, we have seen each other at our worst

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, we love all aspects of each other

D. No, I’m too much of a perfectionist

10. Select one word that you would use to describe your partner

A. Perfect

B. Soulmate

C. Attractive

D. Understanding

11. Who do you typically hang out with as a couple?

A. With prefer hanging out by ourselves right now

B. With other romantic couples

C. With family and friends

D. With loved ones

12. How do you and your partner typically dress up?

A. Fun because we are comfortable around each other

B. Form-fitting clothes that make us look attractive

C. Classy and romantic

D. Comfortable yet beautiful

13. Does your lover make you feel like a prince/princess?

A. We are just getting to know each other

B. They accept me as I am

C. Yes, they treat me like I’m precious to them

D. Sometimes

14. How long have you been together?

A. More than a year

B. 2-5 years

C. More than 5 years

D. A couple of months

15. What is your relationship status?

A. Married for years

B. Committed relationship

C. Married

D. New relationship

16. Does your lover take good care of you?

A. Yes, we both take good care of each other

B. Most of the time

C. Yes, they have been an immense support for me

D. They try to, but I want more

17. What is an activity you like to do together?

A. Romantic candlelight dinners

B. Going on dates

C. Anything fun

D. Quality time together while maybe watching a movie

18. How do you resolve issues with your partner?

A. We have a mature conversation about it

B. We never end up resolving our issues

C. No significant issues have come up yet

D. We try to be understanding towards each other

19. Have you met your partner’s friends or family?

A. Yes, we have met a few times

B. Not yet

C. Yes, and we get along well

D. Of course!

20. Choose one word that best describes your relationship.

A. Real

B. Exciting

C. Compatible

D. Romantic

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