Christmas Couples Quiz - For Those in a New Relationship

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 113
Christmas Couples Quiz - For Those in a New Relationship
Christmas is a time of joy and also a time to think about what you have achieved this year. We spend time with our loved ones during the winter holidays, and if we are in a new relationship, this is the moment to learn more about our partner. Take this quiz for fun this Christmas and find out how well you know them. You can take the quiz separately and then compare results too. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What does your partner like about them the most?

A. Their physical aspect

B. Their people skills

C. Their brains

D. Their practical skills

2. What color are their eyes?

A. Blue

B. Green

C. Brown

D. Hazel or other

3. How many times has your partner taken the driving test?

A. Never

B. Once

C. Twice

D. Three times or more

4. What is their favorite food?

A. Pizza and pasta

B. Fast-food

C. Vegetarian

D. Homemade food

5. What is your partner’s favorite holiday destination?

A. A mountain resort

B. A sunny beach

C. A national park

D. A crowded city

6. What is their shoe size?

A. 4 or 5

B. 5 or 6

C. 6 or 7

D. Higher

7. What musical genre do they prefer?

A. Classical

B. Pop

C. Rock

D. Jazz

8. How was your partner dressed on your first date?

A. Casual

B. Elegant

C. Sporty

D. Smart casual

9. What hobby does your partner have?

A. Reading

B. Painting

C. Listening to music

D. Doing handmade stuff

10. What thing would your partner take with them on a deserted island?

A. A book

B. Their computer

C. Alcohol

D. A first-aid kit

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