The Love Calculator Quiz

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 1338
The Love Calculator Quiz
You have just met this person and you are wondering what your chances of having a happy relationship together are. Some friends are telling you how perfect you look together; others think that this guy or girl is not for you. Your intuition seems to have vanished and you simply don’t know if things will work out between you. Only time will tell, but until then you can achieve some peace of mind by completing our love calculator quiz. So, what are your chances of a successful relationship?

Questions Excerpt

1. How emotionally intimate are you both?

A. Very, we share everything with each other

B. We are opening up to each other at the right pace

C. We both have our guards up

D. We barely talk about the deep things in life

2. Does this person ever sneak a peek at you?

A. All the time and it's electrifying!

B. Yes, quite often

C. Every now and then

D. Not really

3. How attracted are you both to each other?

A. It’s like fireworks!

B. We do feel attracted to each other

C. There is some level of attraction

D. I don’t think we find each other attractive

4. How do you two communicate most of the time?

A. Face to face

B. Through video chat apps

C. Through text messages

D. On email

5. What is your post-sex ritual?

A. We cuddle and sleep

B. We kiss each other and go to sleep

C. We say goodbye to each other and leave

D. There is no sex in our relationship

6. Do you trust them?

A. Absolutely

B. I think we are building a good foundation

C. There have been instances where I have had my doubts

D. I can’t get myself to trust them

7. What type of relationship are you looking for?

A. I want to get married to my partner

B. I want a long term relationship and see where it goes

C. I am not sure

D. I just don’t want to be alone

8. Is there anything you’d like to change about this person yet?

A. Nothing at all, they are perfect!

B. Just a minor aspect

C. There are some things

D. Almost everything

9. Would you introduce your crush to your parents tomorrow?

A. Absolutely!

B. Probably

C. Not sure

D. No, I need to hide them for as long as possible!

10. Do you like your love interest’s group of friends?

A. Yes, I am already friends with them

B. Yes, with some small exceptions

C. They’re fine

D. No, they're a bunch of weirdos!

11. How much do you think about your partner?

A. I think about them all day, even when I am occupied in other things

B. I do think about them through the day

C. Only when they message/call me

D. I often forget about them completely

12. Do you mind being seen in public with this person?

A. No, I feel proud to go out with him or her

B. No, I take it as something trivial

C. A little

D. Yes, I would only go out with them in a deserted area!

13. Why are you interested in this person actually?

A. Because I like them for who they are

B. Because they have many qualities

C. Because I hate being alone

D. Because of the potential they have

14. Where would you like to go with your partner?

A. Anywhere is fine, it is their company that matters

B. I would like to go to a fancy dinner with them

C. I would like to go on a very nice date

D. Doesn’t matter, I know it will be boring

15. How do you feel being with this person?

A. I feel really happy when I am around them

B. It is a good feeling meeting them

C. I am not sure how they make me feel yet

D. I do not enjoy their company

16. Can you imagine yourself sleeping with this person?

A. Yes, I can't wait!

B. Yes, I don't have a problem with that

C. Not sure

D. Don't even mention it!

17. How do you feel about being vulnerable in front of your partner?

A. I am okay with it, they need to know what I am like at my worst

B. I am comfortable sharing my vulnerability with them

C. I am not comfortable with them yet, but we will get there

D. I do not think I will be vulnerable in front of them

18. Do you like your love interest’s clothing style?

A. Yes, I think it's brilliant!

B. Yes, mostly

C. It’s just fine

D. It's a shame they dress so horribly

19. You walk with your friends into a café to realize your crush is there. What do you do?

A. I introduce him or her to my friends and stay at the same table for the rest of the night

B. I introduce him or her to my friends but remain with my group

C. I only say "Hi!" to him or her from a distance

D. I pretend I don't see him or her

20. How do you feel discussing your relationship problems with them?

A. I feel it is important to talk about these things with them, in order to grow

B. It can be tricky sometimes, but we find solutions

C. It always ends up becoming an argument

D. We do not have any relationship problems because nobody cares enough

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