Spring Cleaning: Do You Need To Freshen Up Your Relationship?

15 Questions
Spring Cleaning: Do You Need To Freshen Up Your Relationship?
You dusted the drapes and re-arranged your closet. Now, there’s just one thing left that you need to bedeck during spring cleaning: your relationship! This is a great time to revive your relationship and make it even better than before. Find out if your relationship needs spring cleaning. Answer these questions and get tips on how to clean most efficiently. Let’s start!
Questions Excerpt
1. What did your spouse give you for your last birthday?

A. An apology for forgetting my special day

B. A hug

C. An expensive gift that I was eyeing for so long

D. Spent the whole day with me going shopping and indulging

2. If you ever lose your job, what do you think your spouse will say to you?

A. They would get upset and blame me for it

B. They would be concerned

C. They would worry and help me explore options

D. You're smart and hardworking; you'll surely find something better. No need to worry.

3. Do you think you are still attracted to each other?

A. No

B. Maybe

C. Yes, totally!

4. When was the last time you shared a fantasy with your partner and put it into practice?

A. Never

B. At the beginning of our relationship

C. A couple of months ago

D. Just the other day

5. How often do you touch and caress each other?

A. Almost never

B. Maybe once a week

C. Every day, usually in the evening

D. Almost constantly when we're together

6. Have you ever reached for external support when your relationship wasn’t going well?

A. No, because I didn't feel it was worth the trouble

B. No, I preferred to keep it secret

C. Yes, I've been talking with a friend or a family member

D. Yes, I asked for help from a professional and it has helped a lot

7. How satisfied are you about yourself?

A. Not satisfied at all

B. Moderately satisfied

C. Rather satisfied

D. Very satisfied

8. Do you feel you both want to improve your relationship?

A. I don't want to go through the trouble

B. I wish some things could change

C. It's perfect, nothing needs to change

9. How often do you go out on a date?

A. It was a really long time ago

B. On random occasions

C. Frequently

D. Every week

10. How much effort do you think you can put in to improve your marriage further?

A. I'm not much keen

B. Perhaps a little

C. I could consider it provided my partner supports me

D. I do everything I can

11. What is your favorite activity together?

A. We don't plan activities together

B. Celebrating special occasions

C. Going out on romantic dinners or to music concerts

D. Anything that we can do together

12. What do you usually do in your bedroom?

A. Catch up on work

B. Just sleep

C. We cuddle

D. Make love

13. What do you focus on during an argument with your partner?

A. How to combat them and make them feel sorry

B. How to protect myself from their accusations

C. Trying to resolve the matter as quickly as possible

D. My partner's needs

14. What do you like the most about your partner?

A. Nothing

B. I can't think of anything special

C. Their caring attitude

D. Everything about them

15. How is the distribution of household chores?

A. One of us does everything and the other doesn't care

B. One of us does it all because the other is too busy

C. One of us does a bit more than the other

D. We're even at it.

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