Quiz: Are You Single or Taken?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 178
Quiz: Are You Single or Taken?
The question we’re asking you today is, “Can someone tell when someone is single or taken just by their answers?” You may think this answer is simple, but it isn’t. rnPeople can say they are single one minute and then be married or in a relationship the next. You never know what life has in store. We would like you to take our single or taken quiz to see where your relationship stands.

Questions Excerpt

1. What type of films do you enjoy watching?

A. Rom-com

B. Sci-fi

C. Horror

2. What do you value most?

A. Career success

B. Following my heart

C. Leaving behind a legacy

3. Pick a pet!

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Rabbit

4. How do you start your day?

A. I wake up at the same time each morning, usually

B. I'm not myself before I've had coffee

C. I try to get to the gym as early in the morning as I can

5. Which is the perfect activity to spend your weekend on?

A. Netflix binging

B. Going on dates

C. Hanging with my friends

6. Which bending art is the best for you?

A. Airbending

B. Waterbending

C. Earthbending or Firebending

7. What do you like to eat on a first date?

A. A salad

B. Filet mignon

C. A burger

8. How long was your longest relationship?

A. 1–3 years

B. It has never passed one year

C. 3+ years

9. Pick a deal-breaker!

A. Cheating

B. u0130nsecurity

C. Sexually unfulfilling relationship

10. Which of these drinks makes you feel relaxed?

A. Beer

B. Wine 

C. Vodka

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