Relationship Red Flags: Is My Relationship at Risk Quiz?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 4679
Relationship Red Flags: Is My Relationship at Risk Quiz?
Everybody dreams of a great lover and a relationship where they are loved and supported. But sometimes, as the relationship progresses, we notice some relationship red flags. It is better to pay attention to these red flags on time to salvage your relationship. So, are there any red flags in your relationship? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner blame all their issues on you?

A. Yes, all the time, and it is overwhelming

B. No, they take accountability for their wrongs

2. Does your partner constantly test your boundaries?

A. Yes, and I often feel like they are trying to chase me away

B. No, they don’t make me feel bad

3. Does your partner have a massive sense of entitlement?

A. Yes, they like to make everything about them

B. No, they are very humble

4. Do you feel like your views are easily accepted by your partner?

A. Yes

B. No, not at all. Your partner likes to impose their views

5. Are you happy in your current relationship?

A. Yes, very happy.

B. No, I feel miserable

6. Do you share the same interests?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. Not really. In the beginning, I thought so but not anymore

7. Do you often feel like you are your partner’s accessory in the relationship?

A. Yes, I feel like I am in it, just to serve their wishes

B. No, I feel like I matter in their eyes

8. Do you sometimes find yourself silent in the same room because you just don’t know what to talk about?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. No, we are very connected, so we always have something to talk about

9. Do you feel in your gut that something is wrong?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No, not at all

10. Does your partner prefer spending time on their own most of the time?

A. Yes, like, for instance, they prefer watching their shows on their own

B. No, they want me to be with them most of the time

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