REBT Quiz for Couples: How to Revitalize Your Relationship?

10 Questions
REBT Quiz for Couples: How to Revitalize Your Relationship?

Do you know what REBT stands for and how it can benefit your relationship? Take our REBT quiz for couples to gauge your understanding of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy principles. You will also learn how to revitalize your relationship using this beneficial therapy. 

Discover how well you align with REBT concepts and enhance your and your partner’s emotional well-being today.

Questions Excerpt

1. What does REBT stand for?

A. Relationship Emotional Growth Approach

B. Relationship Enhancement and Bonding Technique

C. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

2. Which of the following is a key principle of REBT?

A. Avoiding all conflicts in a relationship

B. Identifying and challenging irrational beliefs

C. Accepting irrational beliefs without question

3. True or False: REBT focuses on blaming your partner for relationship issues.

A. 1

B. Occasionally true

C. 0

4. How does REBT view emotions?

A. As uncontrollable and unpredictable

B. As a result of rational thinking

C. As unrelated to thoughts

5. In REBT, what is the role of irrational beliefs?

A. They are encouraged for emotional spontaneity

B. They should be challenged and replaced

C. They should be accepted without question

6. What is one goal of REBT in relationships?

A. Ignoring relationship issues to maintain harmony

B. Promoting open communication and understanding

C. Suppressing emotions to avoid conflicts

7. What does the "A" stand for in REBT's ABC model?

A. Assessment

B. Activating event

C. Acceptance

8. In REBT, what is the desired outcome of challenging irrational beliefs?

A. Ignoring negative emotions

B. Eliminating all negative emotions

C. Reducing the intensity of negative emotions

9. Which of the following is a healthy response to conflict in a relationship, according to REBT?

A. Suppressing emotions

B. Blaming your partner for the conflict

C. Addressing and resolving the conflict through effective communication

10. What can couples gain from applying REBT principles to their relationship?

A. A guarantee of a conflict-free relationship

B. Complete elimination of all negative emotions

C. Improved emotional well-being and communication skills

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