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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 24
 Is Your Relationship Exceptional Quiz?
We all know a couple that looks exceptional. Then there are those that look totally mediocre and those that we feel sorry for. How to know which one are you? Take this test and see if you are the one considered exceptional.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you finishing each other's sentences?

A. Yes, very often.

B. It happens and it's funny.

C. Who does that, it's a stupid couples thing.

D. No, never.

2. How often do you have sex?

A. Almost every day.

B. At least two times a week.

C. About once in a month.

D. We used to have sex, but not anymore.

3. Do you listen to your partner's ideas?

A. Yes, he's smart so it's best for both of us.

B. Sometimes when I think it's worth it.

C. He only listens to mine.

D. Why in the world would I do that?

4. What does dinner look like?

A. We talk about how our day was.

B. We argue about things.

C. We have nothing to talk about.

D. We don't eat together.

5. Do you have hobbies?

A. Yes, both of us.

B. Only him.

C. Nope.

D. We're a couple, we shouldn't have hobbies.

6. How does an argument between you two end?

A. We find a compromise.

B. We fight until we resolve the problem.

C. We do all things my way.

D. I don't argue, it's meaningless. I simply don't care about anything.

7. Do you both exercise?

A. We both do.

B. Just one of us.

C. No one.

D. What does this have to do with anything?

8. When you go out together, you?

A. Have fun until you both get tired, then go home.

B. Party until one of you call it a night.

C. Get back home early because you argued on the way there.

D. We don't go out.

9. After sex, who is more satisfied?

A. We both are.

B. One of us.

C. I do it because I'm obligated.

D. We don't have sex anymore.

10. Can you see yourself with your spouse after 10 years?

A. Sure, we would still rock!

B. Yes, probably.

C. Maybe, if he's smart.

D. I'm dumping him right after this quiz.

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