Quiz- Do You Really Need Pre-Marriage Counseling?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 381 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Quiz- Do You Really Need Pre-Marriage Counseling?
Pre-marriage counseling is common among Christian couples not necessarily because they want to go through it that much, but because it is a tradition. A priest or a pastor won’t officiate the wedding until the couple completes a pre-marriage counseling stage – the role of this process is to discuss various issues they will deal with as a married couple, to get to know each other better, and to identify incompatibilities. If you are planning to get married, take this quiz and find out if you really need pre-marriage counseling.

Questions Excerpt

1. How was your love and relationships experience in past?

A. I have some experience, but not that much

B. Nothing to worry about

C. Maybe a bit too dark

D. This is my first relationship

2. Do you know each other’s financial history?

A. Yes, in detail

B. Mostly

C. So-so

D. Not at all

3. Do you feel comfortable talking about intimacy issues?

A. Totally

B. Mostly yes

C. So-so

D. Not really

4. Do you agree on the number of children you want to have?

A. Yes, we are sure about it

B. Mostly yes

C. We have some misunderstanding on the subject

D. We haven't discussed about that yet

5. Do your communication styles match?

A. Yes, we communicate similarly

B. Mostly yes

C. We have some misunderstanding

D. We speak different languages

6. Can you talk about anything with your partner?

A. Yes, always

B. Most times yes

C. There are some topics I don't feel comfortable with

D. Not really, there seems to be a barrier between us

7. Have you thought about the issues your marriage might face?

A. Yes, we are very aware of that

B. Somewhat yes

C. Not much

D. What issues?

8. Is there anything you really hate about your partner?

A. Nothing serious

B. There are some aspects

C. He or she is just perfect

D. There are multiple aspects that annoy me about them

9. Have you ever had a major conflict so far?

A. Yes, and we got over it without problems

B. Yes, and it is still affecting us

C. Yes, we are into a major conflict right now

D. No, we have never had a fight so far

10. Do any of you come from a dysfunctional family background?

A. No, both our families are doing fine

B. We come from typical families, where both good and bad things have happened

C. One of us

D. Both of us

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