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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 324
Parenting Quiz- What Kind Of Parent Are You?

Psychologists and parenting experts have distinguished between four types of parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, indulgent, and neglectful. Don’t hurry to include yourself into one of these four large categories – you may be looking at your relationship with your child in a subjective manner. 
This What Kind Of Parent Are You quiz will help you to accurately determine your parenting style and also to improve your qualities. The aim is to create a healthy environment for your children where they can thrive.

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you allow your child to have a pet?

A. No, our house is already too crowded

B. Yes, but only if they take care of the pet

C. Sure, anything they want

D. Probably, but I won't look after the pet

2. Would you let your teenager go on vacation with friends instead of you?

A. No way!

B. I suggest they come with us and stay in a separate cabin

C. Absolutely, and I will pay for a good hotel so they are safe

D. They can go if they can pay for themselves

3. Your child is repeatedly breaking an important rule. What do you do about it?

A. Punish them severely

B. Discipline them and prevent them from doing it again

C. Try to talk about it and possibly close my eyes if they don't listen

D. What rules?

4. How do your children get around besides the school bus?

A. I drive them so I know where they are going

B. They walk or cycle

C. I am their on-demand taxi or they have their own cars

D. I don't know, it's not my business

5. Your teenager’s room is a huge mess. What will you do about it?

A. Lock them in and not let them go until they tidy it up

B. Insist on tidying up the room until they listen to me

C. I clean the room eventually

D. Nothing, the room can stay as it is

6. Does your child have a say in family decisions?

A. No!

B. Only if it has to do with them and when they are mature enough

C. Yes, their opinion is as important as everybody else's

D. They actually run the place

7. Do you control your child’s Internet use?

A. Yes, I have all their passwords and they only use the computer in my presence

B. Yes, I have installed some filters on the computer and told them what isn't appropriate to look at

C. I try, but anyway they have their smartphone

D. No, they have unfiltered accounts

8. Do you have a role in your children’s friendship relations?

A. Yes, and I am like a detective when they make a new friend

B. Yes, I will be open to their friends but also observant of their character

C. They can choose their own friends

D. Whoever they hang out with is fine with me

9. Do you give pocket money to your child?

A. I don’t know if my spouse gives it. I don’t

B. I give them money whenever they need

C. Yes

D. No

10. Do you apologize for your mistakes?

A. I haven’t paid attention

B. Yes

C. Only if it’s something major

D. No

11. Do you make sure they're pushing kids for the right reasons?

A. I don’t do that. My spouse must be taking care of it

B. I let them be

C. Yes

D. I push them in whatever direction I feel works for all of us as a family

12. Do you always keep a track of your child?

A. No

B. I ask them whenever i wish to

C. Whenever required

D. Always

13. Do you practice listening to your kids and really giving them your full attention?

A. I don’t talk much as I am always busy

B. Mostly

C. Sometimes

D. Children should listen to parents and not vice versa

14. Do you help your children with homework?

A. Yes, I check every single letter they write

B. Just when they need it

C. Yes, but I understand if they don't feel like doing their homework today

D. No, it's exclusively their business

15. Do you have a say in your children’s choice of wear?

A. Yes, I choose every item they wear

B. I provide some guidelines and inspect their outfits before they go out

C. We negotiate a lot when it comes to clothing

D. They can wear anything

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