Parenting Classes: No One Knows It All

 Parenting classes

Many hear parenting classes and think of them as a way to correct poor parenting but everyone, whether they are or plan to be parents, can benefit. We all want to raise exceptional children, take the correct approach to discipline, know how to promote good behavior and learn ways to overcome the struggles of parenting. Classes provide the answers, education, motivation and parenting tips that will guide you towards being the best parent you can be. Let’s discuss exactly what these classes can do for you.

Classes pass on new communication strategies

Positive parenting classes provide families with effective communication strategies to improve parent-child interactions. Every course and instructor has a different approach but the basics covered include committing to a friendly yet firm communication style that allows parents to maintain that authoritative role while connecting and establishing a loving bond with their children. They normally use positive languages to praise children for their accomplishments to promote confidence and use a soft, reassuring voice to ease them whenever they’re upset.

Parents learn how to approach discipline

Discipline is a topic covered in detail in almost all parenting classes because it is what parents have the most trouble with. Some do not do enough while others allow anger and frustration to serve as a disciplinarian. The purpose of discipline is not to punish but rather control behavior and teach children the correct way to interact and engage with others. Parenting classes help parents understand that testing authority is part of the developmental process and it is up to parents to teach right from wrong by using a firm yet fair approach. Discipline is not about using fear to teach children what not to do or encourage submission. Its purpose is to teach what is expected of them in addition to passing on the right behaviors.

Classes improve decision making

How many times have you asked yourself, “Did I do the right thing?” or “Am I doing this right?” Good parenting requires confidence. When you know what you’re doing, you take an active role in every single aspect of your child’s life, really take charge and have the personal reassurance that you know what you’re doing. Classes assist parents by opening up the mind, passing on new ways to handle problems that arise and sharing insightful knowledge to freshen perspectives. Better yet, courses provide the reassurance that will help you become more confident about your decisions.  As a plus, classes give parents the opportunity to connect with others facing the same difficulties.

Courses cover the details

Parenting tips concerning communication and discipline are what you would expect from parenting classes but they also cover the details. Lesson topics vary but most cover things that are overlooked like nutrition and sibling dynamics. The purpose of parenting courses is to make students better parents and the material actually reflects that purpose. There may also be group activities that allow parents to practice what they’ve learned.

Specialized topics are available

There are positive parenting courses that cover specialized topics. For example, there are childbirth preparation courses, infant care, and classes that focus on specific age groups. Classes that cover more serious topics like bullying, anger management and teen substance abuse are offered as well. There are even courses with a medical focus geared towards those caring for a child with a medical condition. Parents should put some thought into whether or not they can benefit from a specialty course. They can be taken alone or in conjunction with a general course.

Online courses

At this point, you are probably thinking, “Parenting classes sound great but I don’t have the time.” There is no need to worry, online parenting classes are available. Those interested in taking a course or two online can do research to find the right course for them, register and get started. Unlike in-person classes that involve having an instructor introduce and discuss topics as well as distribute relevant materials, online courses have downloadable lessons with corresponding reading materials. Parents can go through each lesson while working at his/her own pace and various assignments and quizzes are included that can be submitted online. Although there is a lack of face to face interaction, many courses have open discussion boards that allow online students to interact to discuss topics in the lessons and get each other’s input. There are even live sessions held online by instructors that are quite similar to traditional classes.


It’s obvious that parenting classes have a lot to offer. They are positive steps parents can take to do an even better job at raising their children. Having children is a wonderful experience but parenting is challenging and there is always something new to address. Finding that balance between being a responsible disciplinarian and fun, nurturing parent requires knowledge. Why not get started now?