Do You Have A Narcissistic Parent Quiz

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6016 | Updated: May 17, 2024
Do You Have a Narcissistic Parent Quiz

Narcissism is a mental disorder in which a person's personality is shaped inwardly. This means that the person is so consumed by themselves that they try to attune everything to their needs. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose this personality disorder. But if you are with a parent who seems to display narcissistic traits, you must inform other adults to get them treated.

Narcissistic people have low self-esteem and try to hide behind a stern exterior. They might seem threatening or may even hurt you if their self-esteem is under threat, but you have to be strong and protect yourself. And if you feel their treatment or behavior towards you is unhealthy or suffocating, you must involve others.

You can also take this narcissistic parent quiz and try to read your parent's behaviors the next time they are unfair to you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel your parents are confining you at home even when they do not need to?

A. Yes, this happens a lot

B. No, they do not confine me, but there are rules

C. Sometimes

2. Have your parents ever been violent in any way with you?

A. Yes, but not anymore

B. No, they have never been violent

C. Yes, they still are 

3. Does your parent(s) support you in times of need? 

A. No, I am on my own 

B. Yes, they do

C. Rarely

4.  Are any of your parents addicted to some substance?

A. Yes, and they are really bad at hiding

B. Yes, but they are trying hard to quit

C. I do not know

5. Have they ever tried or blackmailed you sometimes to get things done according to their wishes?

A. No, they do not

B. Yes, sometimes 

C. Yes, all the time 

6. Do your parents brag about grandiose accomplishments like extraordinary wealth or acquiring large properties?

A. Yes, but quite rarely

B. Yes, they are obsessed

C. Not really

7. Do they appear extremely stubborn and show a lack of empathy for certain situations in your life?

A. No, but they can be firm at times

B. Yes, they do

C. Sometimes

8. Do they hate listening to you talk about freedom, independence and self-sufficiency?

A.  Yes, they quickly change the topic

B. Yes, but I think they mean well

C. No, they encourage me to be independent 

9. Do they react very aggressively when you blame them for something or mention a small mistake they may have made?

A. Yes, they get extremely defensive

B. Yes, but they try to change

C. No, but it gets tense when I say something like that

10. Do you think you may have low self-esteem or feel unusually depressed these days? 

A. Yes, it is a struggle

B. I think I do

C. Sometimes

11. How does your parent respond when you achieve something significant?

A. They take credit for my achievements

B. They congratulate me but quickly shift the focus back to themselves

C. They genuinely celebrate my success and encourage me

12. How does your parent react to criticism or disagreement?

A. They become extremely defensive and may lash out or belittle me

B. They seem annoyed but usually let it go after a while

C. They listen and try to understand my perspective, even if they disagree

13. How often does your parent recognize and validate your feelings?

A. Rarely, they usually dismiss or ignore my feelings

B. Sometimes, but it often feels superficial or forced

C. Regularly, they make an effort to understand and acknowledge how I feel

14. How does/do your parent/s handle their own mistakes or failures?

A. They rarely admit their mistakes and may even blame others instead

B. They may admit them reluctantly but still try to justify their actions

C. They own up to their mistakes and learn from them

15. How does your parent discuss their life and experiences with you?

A. They often exaggerate or lie to make themselves look better

B. They share their experiences but it's usually about their own interests

C. They share honestly and encourage me to share my experiences too

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