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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5500 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Is My Daughter a Narcissist Quiz
You’ve probably heard the term “narcissist” before, and it’s usually in reference to someone who is incredibly self-centered and arrogant. When your own daughter is a narcissist, you may run into some serious difficulties in your relationship with her.If you have suspicions that you’re involved with a narcissistic daughter, take the “Is My Daughter a Narcissist” quiz to get some answers. Keep in mind that if you’re dealing with a narcissist, they are likely to need professional treatment to change their behavior. rn

Questions Excerpt

1. Does it seem your daughter feels no remorse when she hurts someone’s feelings? 

A. No. She feels bad when she offends someone.

B. She has no remorse at all. She lashes out at us and never sees how hurtful it is.

C. She doesn’t often feel guilty when she hurts someone’s feelings. If she does something extremely hurtful, she might feel regret.

2. How likely are you to get an apology out of your daughter? 

A. She is never the first to apologize, even if she is wrong. 

B. She often apologizes when it’s clear she’s wrong.

C. She occasionally apologizes, but sometimes she feels as if she hasn’t done anything wrong, and she won’t apologize.

3. Does your daughter enjoy being the center of attention?

A. I wouldn’t say she enjoys it. She doesn’t mind if someone congratulates her, but she doesn’t seek out attention.

B. She needs to be the center of attention at all times, or she will pout. 

C. She enjoys talking about herself and having all eyes on her. 

4. How would your daughter react if you told her “no” to something she wanted?  

A. She might bug or ask for an explanation, but she’d let it go pretty quickly.

B. When I tell her “no,” she lashes out and then doesn’t speak to me for days.

C. We might have a big argument, and she’d question my decision.

5. Which of the following best describes your daughter? 

A. She is lovely and caring.

B. She can sometimes have a hard time seeing things from others’ point of view.

C. It often seems like she has no concern for other people’s feelings, and she doesn’t care if she has to hurt someone to look good.

6. What would happen if your daughter wanted something that she couldn’t get on her own?

A. She would find a way to make it happen if she wanted it.

B. She might charm her way into getting someone to do her a favor.

C. She would be willing to do whatever she could to get what she wanted, even if it meant making up a sob story and manipulating someone to give her money.

7. Does your daughter ever come across as though she feels she is better than everyone else?

A. I wouldn’t say so. She is fairly humble.

B. Yes, she prides herself on being superior and will go so far as to talk down to or degrade others.

C. She can come across as pretty haughty at times.

8. Would you say that your daughter has a sense of entitlement?  

A. Always. She wants special treatment at all times, even if she hasn’t done anything to deserve it.

B. She can come across as somewhat entitled because she knows what she wants and expects to get it.

C. I wouldn’t say that. She doesn’t have trouble going after what she wants, but she doesn’t expect it to be handed to her.

9. If you have to cancel plans with your daughter, how would she react? 

A. She’d insist that you’re a horrible parent for not making her a priority, and she might not speak to you for a few days.

B. She’d probably be frustrated, but she would calm down after I explained the situation.

C. She’d understand my need to reschedule.

10. Does your daughter need fancy things? 

A. Yes. She needs to have the most expensive car, purse, and phone. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she talks about making her look bad.

B. No, she’s pretty simple. She was so happy with the used economy car we got her for her 18th birthday!

C. She enjoys expensive things and wants to look put together. 

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