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10 Questions | Updated: Jun 27, 2023
 Is Your Relationship on a Rocky Ride Quiz?

Navigating the complexities of a relationship can often be challenging. This quiz aims to help you assess whether your relationship could be categorized as rocky. 

Remember, everyone deserves a healthy relationship characterized by respect, open communication, and mutual understanding. Use this Is Your Relationship on a Rocky Ride Quiz as a starting point to identify areas of concern and consider professional guidance if needed.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you often have emotional ups and downs in your relationship?

A. Yes, our relationship feels like a roller coaster

B. No, our emotions are usually quite stable

C. Sometimes, but it's not a regular occurrence

2. Do you and your partner frequently argue?

A. Yes, we argue more often than not

B. No, we rarely have disagreements

C. We argue occasionally, but it's not constant

3. Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells around your partner?

A. Yes, I often worry about their reactions

B. No, I feel comfortable expressing myself

C. Sometimes, depending on the situation

4. Do you experience periods of intense affection followed by intense discord?

A. Yes, our relationship is a cycle of highs and lows

B. No, our relationship is relatively balanced

C. Occasionally, but not consistently

5. Do you or your partner threaten to end the relationship during arguments?

A. Yes, it happens often during our arguments

B. No, we never resort to such threats

C. It's happened a few times, but it's not a common occurrence

6. Do you frequently feel drained after interacting with your partner?

A. Yes, our interactions often leave me feeling exhausted

B. No, our interactions usually leave me feeling positive or neutral

C. Sometimes, particularly after disagreements

7. Do your friends or family express concern about the nature of your relationship?

A. Yes, they're often worried about our relationship

B. No, they have not expressed any concerns

C. Occasionally, especially after we've had a noticeable disagreement

8. Do you often feel uncertain about the future of your relationship?

A. Yes, I frequently doubt our relationship's longevity

B. No, I'm generally confident about our future together

C. Sometimes, especially after we've had a fight

9. Do you find it hard to concentrate on other aspects of your life because of your relationship?

A. Yes, our relationship often distracts me from other areas of my life

B. No, I'm able to balance our relationship with other life aspects

C. Occasionally, but not to an alarming degree

10. Do you find yourself frequently apologizing even when you believe you're not in the wrong?

A. Yes, I often find myself apologizing to keep the peace

B. No, we usually have fair discussions where the person at fault apologizes

C. Sometimes, especially during intense arguments

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