Is Your Mother a Psychopath Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1027
Is Your Mother a Psychopath Quiz
You’ve probably heard the term psychopath thrown around before. Sometimes, it is used loosely to describe someone whose behavior upsets us or refers to someone who has a mental health condition. If you notice that your mother has difficulty relating to others, you may be interested in our “Is My Mother a Psychopath?” quiz below. rnWhile these are not accurate examples of a psychopath, this term can be correctly applied to someone who shows signs of antisocial personality disorder, meaning they have no concern for others and no concern for what is right and wrong.

Questions Excerpt

1. Would your mom feel guilty for stealing $1,000 out of your bank account?

A. No. She has stolen money from multiple family members and shows no remorse.

B. She might occasionally take a few dollars out of my wallet and feel entitled to it, but I think she’d feel pretty rotten taking $1,000.

C. Yes! She would never ever do that.

2. Does your mother have a hard time keeping jobs?

A. She has occasionally lost a job for failing to follow the rules, but it’s not a regular thing.

B. No, she has had a stable job for years.

C. Yes, she loses jobs all the time for violating employee code of conduct. She thinks she doesn’t have to follow the rules.

3. Has it ever seemed like your mom makes the same mistakes over and over?  

A. I wouldn’t say that. She occasionally makes mistakes, just like everyone else.

B. She does sometimes repeat the same mistakes, which is incredibly frustrating. For example, she has been in trouble for not paying for credit cards several times.

C. She repeatedly makes the same mistakes and sees no wrong in her behavior. She may even blame others for her mistakes. She has been in repeated trouble for financial issues and problems at work, but she doesn’t change her behavior.

4. Has your mother ever been in trouble with the law?

A. She has had repeat criminal offenses, sometimes for serious things like domestic violence or theft.

B. Aside from the occasional speeding ticket, she has a clean record.

C. She has gotten in trouble a few times for petty theft or driving without a license. 

5. Does your mother respond well to authority?

A. No. She doesn’t feel the need to listen to authority at all. She bows down to no one and thinks she is smarter than everyone else.

B. She has had a few squabbles with bosses when she thinks they are wrong, and she really requires authority figures to earn her respect.

C. She is able to listen to authority, especially in situations where it counts, like at work. 

6. How would your mother be likely to respond if someone close to her experienced the death of a loved one?

A. She would show sympathy and send a card.

B. She would probably be rather indifferent. She doesn’t show emotion well.

C. She would be likely to make a callous remark, such as, “With the way she ate, it’s no wonder she had a heart attack!”

7. Is your mother someone you would describe as arrogant?

A. Absolutely. She is incredibly haughty and finds herself to be superior to others, even those who have extensive experience or authority.

B. She definitely feels pretty high on herself, even when it’s not warranted.

C. I wouldn’t say that. She’s just as humble as the next person. 

8. Does your mother have a good sense of right and wrong?

A. She is someone who thinks it is okay to bend the rules, even if it hurts someone, so I would say her view is a little skewed.

B. Yes, she knows what is okay and what is not okay. 

C. Not at all. She is willing to violate people’s rights and even hurt people if it means she gets what she wants. She doesn’t care if it is frowned upon or even against the law. 

9. Would you describe your mother as being a risk-taker?

A. No more than the average person.

B. She can be a little impulsive at times.

C. She is incredibly impulsive and takes serious risks, sometimes gambling away thousands of dollars or driving erratically, without regard for the consequences. It’s like she doesn't care if she hurts herself or someone else.

10. How likely would your mom be to act out violently if confronted?

A. She might yell at someone to defend herself, but she would never be physically violent.

B. She escalates to violence quickly if she feels threatened; she has even had assault charges against her.

C. If she felt the need to defend herself, she wouldn’t hesitate to throw a few punches. 

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