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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 14
 Is Your Ex a Friend or Foe Quiz?
Navigating relationships with your ex when you’re in a new relationship could be a tricky one. But how you relate with them is relatively dependent on whether your ex is actually someone you can count on as a friend? Or are they someone who harmful and someone you can treat as an enemy. Whether you were dumped or you did the dumping, ‘Is your ex a friend or foe’ quiz can enlighten you on whether staying in touch with your ex is healthy for you and your mental peace or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you feel, now that you’ve broken up with your ex?

A. Disappointed but I’m fine

B. I’m in disbelief

C. I’m fine but my ex doesn’t seem to understand

2. Would you introduce your ex to your new partner?

A. I wouldn’t mind

B. They may ruin it for me

C. This is a terrible idea, I will not

3. Did your ex make you happy?

A. Not really. They were okay

B. We had our moments

C. More than almost anybody else has

4. How often do your ex call you?

A. I’ve put a stop to our communications

B. Not often

C. They call very often

5. Are you going to miss them if you never get to see them again?

A. I’m over them

B. Once in a while, I will

C. Yes, I will as much

6. What would you do if your ex calls you about any abuse that they’ve suffered?

A. Talk to them on the phone and calm them down

B. Rush over to their place to console them

C. Go and beat up whoever assaulted them

7. Would you find your ex physically attractive if you hang around them for a while?

A. Not at all

B. Probably, I will

C. I may accidentally touch them

8. Will you take your ex back if they ask?

A. No, I won’t

B. I may but with caution

C. Yes, I will

9. How often did your ex cause you pain?

A. All the time

B. A few times

C. It was rare

10. Do you think your ex isn’t good enough for you anymore?

A. Yes, I believe so

B. They can change for the better

C. They are still perfect to me

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