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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 116 | Updated: Nov 28, 2022
 Is My Sister in Law Jealous of Me Quiz?

If you ever have to question your existence anytime your sister in law is present, then you probably don’t feel secure around her or realize that she is jealous of you. How you feel when she’s around can inherently mean or depict whether she’s jealous of you or not. ‘Is my sister in law jealous of me ‘ quiz is made to critically analyze your reactions and feelings anytime you two are together.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you hear your sister in law gossip about you?

A. Never

B. Often

C. Very often

2. How often does your sister in law oppose your decisions in the house?

A. Never

B. Sometimes

C. Very often

3. Do you feel inferior whenever your sister in law is around?

A. Never

B. Sometimes I do

C. My insecurities act up whenever she’s around

4. Does your sister in law get into an unhealthy competition with you?

A. It’s never happen before

B. Some days I feel like she has an agenda against me

C. Everyday feels like a competition with her

5. How often do you receive abusive language from your sister in law?

A. Never

B. Sometimes

C. Very often

6. How often does she comment negatively about your lifestyle?

A. Never

B. Sometimes

C. Very often

7. How often does she appreciate your efforts?

A. As often as possible

B. Sometimes

C. Never has she

8. How often does she ignore your achievements?

A. She celebrates with me all the time

B. She barely celebrate with me

C. She frowns at my success

9. How often does she gaslight you?

A. She never gaslights me

B. Sometimes she does that

C. She always gaslights

10. Do you truly think your sister in law is jealous of you?

A. No, it’s never crossed my mind

B. Sometimes I’m tempted to believe that

C. Yes, she’s a truly bitter one

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