Is My Mom Jealous Of Me Quiz

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 5283 | Updated: May 20, 2024
Is My Mom Jealous of Me Quiz

Although this phenomenon is quite rare, it can happen that a mother is jealous of your achievements, especially when you are happier or wealthier than her. She may feel like there are certain things she could have improved about herself when she was young to achieve more or less the same things as you. So, do you think your mother is jealous of you? Take our 'Is My Mom Jealous of Me' quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your mother criticize your choices all the time?

A. Yes, and sometimes she has some very weird opinions

B. Yes, and she likes comparing me to herself

C. Yes, but then I realize she is quick to do the same thing a few days later

D. Yes, but she always provides a justification for that

2. Do you feel like your mother is trying to sabotage you all the time?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. It's possible

C. Yes, sometimes it feels like she wants to be me

D. I don't think so

3. Does your mother criticize your partner sometimes for no reason?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, many times

4. Do you sometimes feel like your mother resents you for who you are?

A. Yes, she appears to be resentful often

B. No, she loves me too much

C. Sometimes

D. It's very likely

5. Does your mother compare herself to you, as soon as you are successful?

A. Yes, several time

B. Rarely, but in a good way

C. All the time

D. Sometimes

6. Does your mother make friends with your friends just to gossip about you?

A. Many times

B. Sometimes

C. I think so, but I have no proof

D. No, she will never do that to me

7. Is your mother enraged every time something good happens to you?

A. Yes, I have noticed that a few times, for some weird reason

B. Sometimes, it looks like that

C. Many times

D. Not at all

8. Is your mother happy or cheering you up every time something bad happens to you?

A. I don’t find her around most of the times when I am feeling grumpy

B. Not at all

C. Yes

D. Sometimes

9. Do you stay away from your mother because you know she is jealous of you?

A. Yes, definitely

B. I see her rarely

C. No, because she is still my mother

D. No, I love my mother

10. Has your relationship with your mother changed ever since you’ve started being emancipated?

A. Yes, a lot and for the worse

B. A little bit because she has become more distant

C. Yes, she acts like she is embarrassed to be around so much success

D. No, she is very happy that I've made it in life

11. Does your mother often dismiss your achievements as luck rather than your efforts?

A. Yes, she downplays my hard work

B. Sometimes, she mentions luck a lot

C. She rarely acknowledges my efforts

D. Rarely, she's proud of my accomplishments

12. Does your mother frequently bring up her own successes in conversations with you?

A. Yes, she tries to one-up me

B. Often, she wants to show off too

C. She never very interested

D. Rarely, she shares stories without comparison

13. Does your mother avoid discussing your achievements or changes in your life?

A. Yes, she changes the topic uncomfortably

B. Sometimes, she seems disinterested

C. She doesn’t engage positively

D. Rarely, she asks about my life

14. Does your mother give you backhanded compliments or snide remarks?

A. Yes, she masks negativity with a smile

B. Often, her compliments have a twist

C. Her compliments are rarely genuine

D. Rarely, she's straightforwardly supportive

15. Does your mother seem uncomfortable when you talk about your future plans?

A. Yes, she changes the topic quickly

B. Sometimes, she becomes distant

C. She never engages or offers advice

D. Rarely, she's excited for my aspirations

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