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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 92
Is My Partner Using Drugs Quiz
Substance abuse or a full-blown addiction may be the source of many issues inside a relationship. It causes an emotionally turbulent and codependent dynamic for both sides. You may feel like something is off, notice some unusual emotional states or behaviors, and wonder, “Is my partner using drugs?”. While each substance leaves its unique imprint on the consumer, there are still some common signs you can search for in the other person, even if they try to hide the habit itself. To be sure, you can take the - Is my partner using drugs quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner have unexplained seizures sometimes?

A. Yes, it has happened a few times, and they are sometimes delusional as well

B. No, but they have other symptoms like headaches, pains in the back, chest, or stomach, high blood pressure, etc

C. No, they do not show any physical symptoms

2. Does your partner have oddly looking eyes or nose, skin color changes, or other physical markings?

A. Yes, they have reddened or yellow eyes, their pupils are often dilated. They are constantly sniffling, sneezing, or have frequent nose bleeds. Their skin looks pale and dried or there are spots on it. I can also spot some recent scars and cuts on their body

B. No, but they appear very tired and stressed out overall

C. No, they have a healthy outward appearance

3. Do you find strange items that can be associated with drug use at home, your partner’s car, or their workplace?

A. Yes, objects such as bottles, rolling papers, roach clips, pipes, bongs, needles, spoons, tinfoil, straws, small mirrors, masks, aerosol cans, etc

B. No, but they may hide a pack of cigarettes now and then

C. No

4. Is your partner recently ending their existing friendships, and forming new ones?

A. Yes, and the new ones are with questionable people

B. No, but they may sometimes avoid socializing

C. No, they have stable relationships with their friends

5. Does your partner lack interest in their favorite hobbies and activities, or spending time together?

A. Yes, it seems like nothing interests them anymore

B. They may appear more apathetic at times

C. No, they still participate in the things they enjoy the most

6. Does your partner show extreme inattentiveness or lack of motivation at work or home?

A. Yes, I can see that at home, and I have heard some things from his work

B. They tell me that they have a hard time themselves

C. No, they seem to be very productive and focused

7. Does your partner often have unreasonable mood swings, anxiety, paranoid or depressive thoughts?

A. Yes, constantly, and these cause them to react unexplainably in ordinary situations

B. Yes, but they are in that particular mood for a long time and tell me that they feel unwell

C. No, their emotional state seems rather stable

8. Does your partner appear drowsy, hyperstimulated, overly slow, or otherwise inadequate during day or night time?

A. Yes, they look and act like they are not completely there

B. No, but they seem very tired and stressed out

C. No, they seem and act in a normal way

9. Do you notice drastic changes in your partner’s eating and sleeping habits, sex drive, or poor personal hygiene?

A. Yes

B. Maybe for a day or two, then they go back to normal

C. No

10. Does your partner have chronic itching or skin picking?

A. Yes, they are constantly uneasy, or say they feel like their skin is crawling

B. No, but they appear rather nervous in everyday life

C. No, they seem very calm overall

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