Is My Partner Manipulating Me Quiz

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Is My Partner Manipulating Me Quiz
Manipulation could be hard to spot, especially when you are constantly second-guessing yourself and the thoughts you are having. Generally, the manipulation involves saying or doing something to coerce someone to do something on the foundation of guilt, built-up pressure, or feeling sorry for the other person. Because a good manipulator always seems like the victim, even though they are definitely not, it could be difficult to figure out if you are being manipulated. If you are trying to find out if you are being manipulated by someone in your life, take this short Is My Partner Manipulating Me quiz now!

Questions Excerpt

1. When there is an argument/disagreement, does it seem like the other person is always the victim?

A. Sometimes, but not always

B. Most of the time, they put themselves in the victim role

C. Every Single Time. Even when it is clearly not my fault at all, and I am the one that is upset, they somehow end up making themselves the victim in the end

2. Do you ever confront someone else’s behavior and then get blamed for it?

A. No, I don’t think so

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, I am always the reason for any mistakes they make somehow

3. Do you feel like this person is hiding things from you?

A. Sometimes, I feel like they are being sneaky

B. Many times, I feel like I can’t trust them

C. Yes, the majority of the time, they are very secretive about where they go, who they are talking to, and what they are doing when I am not around

4. Do you feel like they are always switching up your words or putting words in your mouth or like no matter what you say, it is wrong?

A. Rarely I do

B. Frequently, I do

C. I always feel like they make everything I say seem like something else or twist my words to make it seem like I said something I did NOT say

5. Does this person make you feel insignificant?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, very often, I feel inadequate around them

6. Do you ever have to prove yourself to this person for them to believe you?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, the majority of the time

7. Do you often feel overwhelming guilt because of how they make you feel?

A. Occasionally, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming

B. Yes, sometimes I do feel that way

C. All of the time, I feel like I am having to answer for all of my mistakes in my past because they will NEVER let me forget it

8. Do you ever feel like you are being blamed for someone else’s actions or for something you didn’t do?

A. Usually, they are my own actions, not other people’s actions

B. Sometimes I do

C. Yes, it always feels like I am being blamed for something that is outside of my control

9. Do you feel like this person will pick a fight with you over ANYTHING?

A. No, but when we do fight, I am not sure if I am being manipulated

B. Sometimes I do; other times, we get along pretty well

C. Yes, even the smallest things that should never even be an issue somehow seem to end up in a fight

10. Do you ever feel taken advantage of?

A. No, it’s probably more of the opposite

B. Sometimes, but not always

C.  Yes, all of the time

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