Quiz: Is My Husband a Covert Narcissist?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 692
Quiz: Is My Husband a Covert Narcissist?

Does your husband exhibit subtle manipulative behavior? Does he indirectly seek control in your relationship? Have you noticed that your partner mostly tries to exhibit some traits of feeling of superiority and tends to envy others thinking they don’t deserve what they have? Your husband might just be a covert narcissist. Especially when they show signs of passive aggression and mostly portray a strong desire for recognition. 

Take this ‘Is my husband a covert narcissist’ quiz and find out the truth

Questions Excerpt

1. How does he act when ignored?

A. Enraged

B. Unperturbed

C. Okay

2. How does your husband react to your achievement?

A. Intimidated

B. Empowering

C. Excited

3. What does he want in return for a job well done?

A. Applause

B. Nothing

C. He wouldn’t want anyone to know

4. How does he react when someone is in a difficult situation?

A. Nonchalant

B. Will want to offer help

C. Empathetic

5. Does he sacrifice for your happiness?

A. Never

B. Sometimes

C. Always

6. How do they react to the success of others?

A. Envious

B. Inspired

C. Happy

7. How does he act when criticized?

A. Upset

B. Attentive

C. Accommodating

8. How does he act during a conflict?

A. Victimized

B. Ready to resolve it

C. Apologetic

9. How does he act when he is invited as a guest at an event?

A. Important

B. Excited

C. Humbled

10. How does he react to your weaknesses?

A. Critical

B. Inspiring

C. Supportive

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