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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 122 | Updated: Nov 16, 2022
 Is My FWB Catching Feelings Quiz?

A friends with benefits (FwB) arrangement can be an amazing thing to have with someone, if that’s what you are looking for at a particular point. Many people want relationships without commitment and FwB offers the unique opportunity for such people to feel comfortable. But sometimes, like many other situation-ships, people involved in FwBs may end up developing feelings and desire more. 

If you have a friend with benefits and you keep wondering if they want more than that then “is my FwB catching feelings” quiz is the ideal for you. 

Questions Excerpt

1. How involved are you with each other?

A. We talk, cuddle and have sex

B. Sometimes we cuddle

C. It’s sex only

2. Does your FwB surprise you with gifts?

A. Never

B. Yes, always

C. Not often

3. Do you indulge in public displays of affection?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We do, occasionally

4. How often do you two go on trips together?

A. We do that often

B. No, we haven’t done that

C. Yes, we have taken a few trips together

5. Does your FwB talk about seeing other people?

A. They do always

B. Not at all

C. They do but not often

6. Does your FwB have sleepovers with you?

A. On the regular

B. They leave after everything

C. They sleepover but prefer going to their own place

7. Do you usually go on dates with your FwB?

A. No, we are usually indoors

B. We do hang out very often

C. We do hang out but not often

8. Does your FwB go out of their way to say sweet romantic things to you?

A. Occasionally

B. All the time

C. Not really

9. How will you rate the sex between you two?

A. It’s okay

B. It varies occasionally

C. The sex is amazing

10. Do you truly believe your FwB wants more?

A. Yes I’m absolutely sure

B. Sometimes

C. Never

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