Quiz: Is My Ex Boyfriend Testing Me?

10 Questions
Quiz: Is My Ex Boyfriend Testing Me?

Understanding the intentions of an ex boyfriend can be a complex and emotionally challenging task. This 10-question Is My Ex Boyfriend Testing Me quiz is designed to help you evaluate his behavior and determine if he might be testing you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your ex boyfriend often initiate contact with you?

A. Yes, he reaches out frequently

B. No, he rarely or never reaches out

C. Sometimes, but not consistently

2. Does your ex boyfriend make vague or indirect references to your past relationship?

A. Yes, he often brings up past memories or inside jokes

B. No, he never mentions our past relationship

C. Occasionally, but it's not a regular occurrence

3. Does your ex boyfriend ask about your current dating life?

A. Yes, he often inquires about my dating status

B. No, he never asks about my personal life

C. Sometimes, but it's not a frequent topic

4. Does your ex boyfriend show signs of jealousy when you're around other potential partners?

A. Yes, he often appears jealous or possessive

B. No, he doesn't show any signs of jealousy

C. I'm not sure, their reactions are hard to read

5. Does your ex boyfriend often share their personal or emotional problems with you?

A. Yes, he frequently seeks my support or advice

B. No, he rarely or never shares their personal issues with me

C. Sometimes, but it's not a common occurrence

6. Does your ex boyfriend show mixed signals, like being warm one moment and distant the next?

A. Yes, their behavior often fluctuates

B. No, their behavior towards me is consistent

C. Occasionally, but it could just be their natural behavior

7. Does your ex boyfriend seem to go out of their way to make sure you see them having a good time (e.g., on social media)?

A. Yes, he often seems to be showing off their social life

B. No, he doesn’t appear to be portraying an exaggerated social life

C. Sometimes, but it's hard to determine their intentions

8. Does your ex boyfriend compliment you often, especially compared to when you were in a relationship?

A. Yes, he gives me more compliments now

B. No, he doesn't compliment me any more than he used to

C. Occasionally, but the frequency hasn't changed drastically

9. Does your ex boyfriend touch you in a familiar or intimate way (like touching your arm, hugging, etc.) when you interact?

A. Yes, he often initiates physical contact

B. No, he maintains their physical boundaries

C. Sometimes, but it's not frequent or overly intimate

10. Has your ex boyfriend suggested catching up over coffee, a meal, or suggested doing something you used to do together?

A. Yes, he often suggests we spend time together

B. No, he has never suggested meeting up

C. Occasionally, but not in a regular or insistent manner

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