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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 4669 | Updated: Jun 30, 2023
 Is My Boss Attracted to Me Quiz?

We all go to work to earn an income, but what happens when things start to get a little too suggestive at the workplace? Focusing on your job can be extremely difficult when you suspect that your boss is attracted to you. Whether you're flattered by your boss's flirtation or you find their advances extremely uncomfortable, a workplace rendezvous is almost always a slippery slope.

Do you constantly find yourself wondering, is my boss attracted to me? Take this 'Is my boss attracted to me' quiz to find out if your boss is interested in mixing business with pleasure.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your boss give you special attention and privileges that's not being given to other employees?

A. I have noticed that my boss has taken a liking to me but it seems innocent enough

B. No, my boss has not given me any special treatment over my co-workers

C. Yes, I am always given special treatment by my boss

2. Does your boss frequently contact you outside of work hours?

A. My boss often contacts me outside of work and talks about things that don’t pertain to my job

B. My boss does contact me in my free time but it’s usually to discuss work-related matters

C. My boss has never contacted me unless it’s about work

3. Have other people you work with noticed any inappropriate behavior from your boss directed toward you?

A. Nobody has mentioned anything to me

B. Many of my co-workers have pointed out my boss’s behavior

C. There has been rumors swirling about it but nobody has mentioned it to me

4. Has your boss ever touched you in a flirtatious manner?

A. Yes, my boss frequently touches my shoulder or hugs me in a way that is flirty

B. No, my boss never touches me in any way

C. My boss has touched me on occasion but I always assumed it was harmless. Now I’m beginning to question their intentions

5. Has your boss ever tried to make plans with you outside of business hours?

A. Yes, my boss often asks me to meet up outside of work

B. My boss asked to hangout once but that was it

C. No, my boss has never requested my company outside of what my job requires

6. Have you ever been given a raise or a promotion even though it may not be deserved?

A. No, I haven’t been offered anything from my boss

B. My boss has offered me advancement opportunities and I believe I earned it

C. My boss has given me those things without me actually earning them

7. Does your boss ever inquire about your dating life?

A. Yes, I am often asked questions about my love life

B. My boss has asked about my romantic situation once or twice but nothing more

C. No, my boss never really asks personal questions like that

8. Is your boss single or married?

A. My boss makes it clear that they are single

B. My boss is happily married

C. My boss is married but seems to be unfaithful

9. Has your boss ever sent you a risqué photo or requested one from you?

A. Yes, we have exchanged indecent pictures

B. My boss tried this once but I turned the attempt down

C. I have not been put in a situation like this by my boss

10. Have you ever hooked up with your boss?

A. I have slept with my boss before

B. My boss would never go for that

C. No, but my boss has made passes at me

11. Have you ever felt pressured to engage in inappropriate behavior with your boss?

A. Yes, my boss has made advances towards me and pressured me to engage in inappropriate behavior

B. No, my boss has never pressured me to engage in anything inappropriate

C. My boss has made suggestive comments or gestures, but has not directly pressured me

12. Does your boss make comments about your appearance or clothing?

A. Yes, my boss frequently comments on my appearance or clothing

B. My boss has made comments a few times, but not frequently

C. No, my boss has never made comments about my appearance or clothing

13. Does your boss give you preferential treatment over other employees?

A. Yes, my boss clearly favors me over other employees

B. My boss treats me fairly and equally to other employees

C. I'm not sure if my boss gives me preferential treatment or not

14. Have you ever witnessed your boss engaging in inappropriate behavior with other employees?

A. Yes, I have witnessed my boss engaging in inappropriate behavior with other employees

B. No, I have never witnessed anything inappropriate from my boss

C. I have heard rumors about my boss's behavior, but have not witnessed anything myself

15. Does your boss go out of their way to help you or offer special privileges?

A. Yes, they consistently provide extra support and opportunities

B. No, they treat me the same as other employees

C. Sometimes, they offer help or privileges but not consistently

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