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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 16 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Is Money Causing Problems In Your Relationship quiz
Money is the worst kind of meddler in a person’s relationships. Although it’s a theoretical concept to keep things in balance, money, and things associated with it, have become our sad reality. An old credit-card advertisement had a line, “money can’t buy happiness, for everything else there's a master-card.” Now people can buy happiness with money.As the job markets are becoming more multi-ethenic and gender-neutral, everyone has a chance to earn and live independently. But some people do not want to grab these opportunities and rely on others to satisfy their needs. If they at least help you with something in life or have the means to pay back, there is no harm in lending them money. Otherwise, things will get unnecessarily complicated. Know if money creates problems in your life with this “Is Money Causing Problems In Your Relationship” quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. How many people owe you money?

A. A lot

B. None 

C. Some 

2. How many of your close friends and family owe you money?

A. Too many

B. Just a select few

C. One or two people

3. Has anyone ever borrowed money, didn’t return it, and asked for it again?  rn 

A.  Yes, plenty of times 

B. Yes, but I did not let them ask again

C. Yes, and then I learned my lesson

4. Do you ever bail out on paying money when you are out with a group of friends?

A. Yes, I do

B. Sometimes

C. No, I always pay for my share

5. Have ever tried but failed to say no to someone who needs money from you?

A. Yes, I can’t say no

B. Yes, but I eventually learned to say no

C. Not really

6. Do you owe anyone money that you still haven’t paid?  

A. No, I do not

B. Yes, but I do

C. Yes, I have a lot of lenders

7. Do you have a habit of taking financial risks?

A. Sadly, yes

B. Yes, but I am learning about finance

C. Not yet

8. Are you around people who always say that they are broke?

A. Yes, and I know they are lying

B. Not anymore

C. Yes, but I feel they are genuinely broke 

9. Have you ever stolen from your parents’ wallets?

A. Yes, I used to

B. Yes, I still do

C. Yes, and I still feel guilty

10. Do you think you can support yourself financially?

A. Not yet 

B. I will get there

C. I am getting there

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