Finance Quiz- How Good Are You With Your Money As A Couple?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 401
Finance Quiz- How Good Are You With Your Money As A Couple?
Finance is an important aspect of any romantic relationship. From choosing who will pay for dinner to having common or separate bank accounts, there are always some decisions related to money that need to be made. Regardless of your status – married or just dating – or of your financial situation - you can take this quiz and find out how your relationship is with finance and money.

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you share personal financial details before getting married?

A. Yes, if I am engaged to that person

B. Yes, I have no problem with that

C. I don't feel comfortable doing it

D. No, it's my business only

2. Do you agree on paying your spouse’s debt (if they had it before you got married)?

A. No, I think it's their responsibility

B. Yes, because we are a team now

C. I agree although I am not happy with it

D. I don't even bother thinking about that

3. Do you agree on merging all of your financial accounts from the beginning of your marriage?

A. Only if I am sure they are a responsible person and we have talked about it thoroughly

B. Yes, absolutely

C. I am not comfortable about it

D. No, I think it's a bad idea

4. Do you agree on what you should do with cash to spare?

A. Yes, we discuss about it and find a solution that satisfies us both

B. Mostly yes, but we don't think too much about it

C. No, we always fight about that

D. We never have cash to spare

5. Do you think it is a good idea to merge your loans?

A. No, because things could get really complicated if we got separated one day

B. Yes, the debt would be easier to manage

C. No, I feel it would cause tensions

D. I have not even thought about it

6. He buys stocks based on hot tips, and she prefers low-interest savings accounts. Do you think they are compatible?

A. Yes, because they complete each other by having different tolerances to risk

B. Yes, because everyone can make their own decisions

C. No, I think this can cause conflicts

D. I don't understand the situation presented in this question

7. Do you find it hard to save money as a couple?

A. Not at all, we are very organized about this

B. No, but we don't bother too much about it either

C. Sometimes yes

D. Yes, we never seem to make ends meet

8. What would you do it you noticed you don’t manage to save money anymore?

A. Track spending for a month and identify leaks

B. Have a talk with my partner and ask for their opinion

C. Get angry and cut on expenses

D. Nothing really

9. You want to apply for a mortgage and your partner’s score is better than yours. What is the solution?

A. We will apply based on one income, but both our names be on the title

B. Apply anyway, we are a team

C. Find another partner

D. Apply on my score

10. You want to save money for your kids’ education and your retirement. Which should represent a priority?

A. Retirement, because kids have more solutions than older adults at retirement age

B. Both are equally important to me

C. I would find it hard to choose one over the other and be confused all the time

D. I am not in the position of saving money

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