Quiz: Is It Time to Break Up With My Boyfriend?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 38730
Quiz: Is It Time to Break Up With My Boyfriend?

Relationships are always growing. There are always ups and downs to deal with. Some situations can be dealt with, while others lead you to question the relationship itself. Should we break up or stay together? If this is a question you are asking yourself, then things must have reached a point in your relationship, or it may be that you are just feeling confused. 

Whatever the case, this quiz can help you figure out if it’s a salvageable relationship or a sinking ship. If you think about whether is it time to break up  with my boyfriend or if you should continue in the same relationship, this quiz will be helpful.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you see a future with your boyfriend?

A. Yeah, I think we can make it work

B. No, I can’t see myself with them for the long term

C. Yes and no. I’m not sure

2. Does your relationship feel one-sided?

A. No it doesn’t

B. Yeah it really does

C. Sometimes it feels this way

3. Does your partner constantly blame you?

A. Yeah I feel they do

B. No, we take responsibility

C. Sometimes I feel they blame me too much

4. Has your partner changed for the better since dating you?

A. Yeah they have

B. No, they haven’t

C. I haven't’ seen marked changes, but some

5. Do you feel your life has improved since dating them and can see it getting better?

A. Yeah it can

B. No, I’m not seeing it

C. I’m not totally sure it’s really improved. Feels the same

6. Do you feel threatened or disrespected in the relationship?

A. We had a stint, but we’re working through it

B. Yeah, I have before

C. No, I think we’re fine

7. Does your partner still respect your decisions, even the serious ones?

A. Yeah he does

B. No, he doesn’t like them

C. He does, but I can sense resentment

8. Do you feel comfortable speaking out about problems in the relationship?

A. No I feel like I’m walking on eggshells

B. Yeah I can communicate healthily

C. Sometimes I feel intimidated and I know they get upset

9. Does speaking about big decisions with your partner make you scared?

A. No I’m confident in our relationship

B. Yeah I don’t know if I can

C. I feel we can but there’s a wall there

10. Can you be yourself around your loved one?

A. Yes, I can be completely myself

B. No, I don't think so

C. I am not sure about it

11. Do you guys fight when you talk about family, religion, and politics?

A. Yes, we have got opposite views

B. We argue a lot but only to find a solution

C. We have got very similar views

12. Do you discuss where your relationship is going?

A. We both are afraid to ask that

B. We discuss it all the time

C. We have not discussed it for a long while

13. How do you feel when you are not around your partner?

A. I miss them

B. I feel normal

C. I feel good

14. Does therapy seem like something that can help with your relationship troubles?

A. No I think we’re beyond saving

B. I think for the little issues, it can

C. I’m not against going to therapy to fix the big concerns

15. Do you guys laugh together?

A. Hardly

B. Always

C. Sometimes

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