Is He Still In Love With His Ex-Wife Quiz

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Is He Still In Love With His Ex-Wife Quiz
Is your current partner obsessing over his ex-wife? Does it seem like he’s still in love with her? It’s possible he could be. Take this ‘Is he still in love with his ex-wife quiz’ to find out if he’s still in love with his ex-wife.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you and your partner talk about past experiences, does he:

A. Often bring up his ex-wife in his stories

B. Bring up his ex-wife sometimes

C. Rarely bring up his ex-wife

2. Imagine you and your partner run into his ex-wife at the grocery store. Does he:

A. Get flustered and blush

B. Stop and have a conversation with her

C. Smile at her and keep walking

3. You ask your partner if he’s still in love with his ex-wife. He:

A. Gets extremely defensive and over-denies it

B. Says he’s over her, but blushes

C. Firmly and calmly says he loves only you

4. On a date, your partner:

A. Seems out of touch

B. Wanders a bit but still holds your hand

C. Only has eyes for you

5. In the bedroom, your partner:

A. Often struggles

B. Sometimes has troubles

C. Never has issues

6. If someone mentions your partner’s ex-wife’s name, does he:

A. Perk up immediately and look around

B. Look up for a second, out of instinct

C. Continue focusing on what he was doing

7. You ask your partner’s ex-wife if she still has contact with him. She says:

A. They talk all the time

B. They sometimes text

C. They aren’t really in contact

8. When you ask your partner if he’s in contact with his ex-wife, he:

A. Lies to you

B. Fudges the truth a little bit

C. Tells you the exact truth

9. Your partner’s ex-wife asks to get coffee with him to catch up. Does he:

A. Accept the invitation immediately

B. Ask you what to do first, but end up saying yes

C. Say no, he doesn’t feel a need for that

10. Your partner comes home late one night. He:

A. Smells like a strange perfume

B. Stammers an apology

C. Has a valid excuse that checks out

11. Do they talk on the phone a lot?

A. Yes, quite regularly

B. Sometimes, I am not aware

C. Not much, only when it is important

12. Do you feel neglected because of his ex-wife?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

13. Does he get nervous or anxious if you ask him questions about his ex-wife?

A. Yes

B. Only sometimes

C. No

14. Do you suspect cheating?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. No

15. Has he shown signs of jealousy from his ex-wife’s new partner?

A. Yes

B. Not much

C. No

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