Is He Pressuring Me Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 34
Is He Pressuring Me Quiz
Are there signs that he is pressuring you? Is he forcing you to do things you ordinarily wouldn't do? Being pressured by your partner against your wishes can be emotionally daunting. It means that you are usually forced to do things against your will. rnYour partner could be pressuring you to do uncomfortable things for you physically, mentally, socially or sexually. These limits may be things you need to feel safe in any particular situation. rnTherefore, every person needs to know whether their partner is pressuring them. Take this ‘Is he pressuring me quiz’ to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he make decisions for both of you without your knowledge?

A. He does that very often

B. Not always

C. Never, he always consults me

2. Does he complain when you decline sexual advances?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, he always understands

3. Is he respectful towards you and your decisions?

A. He wants things to be the way he wants

B. He wishes he was more involved but understands regardless

C. He agrees and supports me

4. Does he exude fear and anxious emotions?

A. Every time, especially when he needs something

B. There is no fear, just a little bit of tension

C. He is loving and comfortable

5. Is he respectful of your thoughts when it comes to sex?

A. He often disregards my opinion on sex between us

B. He is considerate sometimes

C. He is always in support of my sexual desires and boundaries

6. Does he imply that you owe him something?

A. He likes to bring up that I owe him something anytime I decline his request

B. He does infer that but not often

C. He has never made that remark

7. How often does he ask you to behave in a certain way?

A. He often wants me to do things in a certain way

B. He rarely dictates my movements

C. He constantly allows me to do things my way

8. How do you feel around him?

A. I am very uncomfortable around him

B. I am somewhat uncomfortable around him

C. I am so comfortable around him

9. Is he the type that yells in response to minor mistakes?

A. He does that all the time

B. He rarely yells at me

C. He has never yelled at me

10. How do you feel when he asks for a favor?

A. I am constantly under pressure to provide for him

B. I am under very little pressure to provide for him

C. I provide at my own pace and time

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