How Well Do You Think You Really Know Your Other Half Quiz?

10 Questions
How Well Do You Think You Really Know Your Other Half Quiz?
No matter for how long you’ve known your partner, there are still things to find out about the person next to you. These discoveries can be pleasant – for instance your spouse’s hidden talent for cooking – while the unpleasant things could be that they use dating apps. This quiz will let you determine how well you know your partner – answer the questions and then ask your partner if you’ve been right!

Questions Excerpt

1. What superstition does your partner have? 

A. Black cats

B. 13

C. Breaking a mirror

D. Walking under a ladder

2. What does your partner like to do before bedtime? 

A. Watching TV

B. Reading

C. Checking social media

D. Meditating

3. Where did your partner grow up? 

A. In a city

B. In a town

C. In the suburbs

D. In the countryside

4. What food does your partner prefer for breakfast? 

A. Pancakes and syrup

B. Smoothies

C. Milk and cereals

D. Eggs and ham

5. How is your partner’s relationship with their family? 

A. They are very close

B. Their relationship is pretty good

C. So-so

D. Bad

6. Where would your partner want to go on holiday? 

A. To an European city

B. At a camping site

C. To the sea

D. In the countryside at an inn

7. What does your partner think of matching clothes? 

A. They're great

B. They're OK

C. They're bad taste

D. They pretend to hate it but secretly like it

8. How many relationships has your partner had before you? 

A. None

B. One or two

C. Three to five

D. Six or more

9. Which dirty habit does your partner hate about you? rn

A. Leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink

B. Biting nails

C. Smoking

D. Drinking

10. What is the most important relationship principle for your partner? 

A. Trust

B. Communication

C. Honesty

D. Independence

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