How to Know if a Guy is Using You Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 133
How to Know if a Guy is Using You Quiz
Everyone knows the feeling of meeting someone new and being completely infatuated with each other. At some point, the initial infatuation subsides, and you start settling into a normal day-to-day life together. There is nothing wrong with that! rnAs women, we try to remain calm, so we don’t come off as crazy, but you can’t shake the feeling every once in a while. If you are struggling because you can’t shake the feeling of being used in your relationship or are afraid to bring it up because you don’t have any substantial evidence that he is using you, take this quiz to see if your intuition is right.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does it ever seem like he doesn’t even care how you feel?

A. No, he is very caring.

B. Not really, but it is difficult to make out what he feels.

C. I do feel like he doesn’t care much when I try to talk about my feelings

D. I feel like he doesn’t care at all about how I feel.

2. Would you say he is affectionate and makes you feel special?

A. Yes, he makes me feel special and is affectionate when we are together.

B. Yes, he is affectionate when we are together, but it’s not like I am a priority when we are not together.

C. He is affectionate at times, but I don’t feel like he ever goes out of his way to make me feel special.

D. He is loving, especially in the bedroom. But I don’t feel that I am a lot important to him.

3. How would you describe your closeness and intimacy on an emotional level?

A. He has opened up to me about a lot of things in his life that he says he hasn’t told many people about.

B. He opens up, but sometimes it seems like he is very guarded with what he is willing to share.

C. I feel like I have to pry it out of him instead of him just opening up to me.

D. I always feel disconnected in our relationship because he refuses to talk about anything on an emotional level.

4. When he talks about the future, does he include you in his plans?

A. Yes, we both have plans for the future, but it is still early in our relationship

B. Yes, but only in a hypothetical sense without talking specifically about “our future.”

C. He sometimes will talk about his future, but he doesn’t mention me or what role I play in it.

D. He doesn’t even tell me his own plans for the future, so I doubt I am any part of them.

5. Do you think he is selfish?

A. No, he seems genuine and caring.

B. Rarely I do, but there have been a few instances I felt that way.

C. Yes, sometimes I feel like he only cares about what he wants.

D. Yes, I feel that way all the time.

6. Do you ever compromise just to be together?

A. I feel like we both compromise on things to spend some quality together

B. We compromise, but we just end up not hanging out if our schedules don’t match up.

C. I definitely compromise, but I am not sure if he appreciates it.

D. I always try to work around his schedule, but he always looks after his convenience.

7. Do you often feel like he disappoints you?

A. No, not really. We have disagreements, but I wouldn’t say it makes me feel disappointed.

B. Sometimes I feel like I have expectations that he will never meet. But, overall, I would say he is pretty reliable.

C. He does, and it happens more than I would like.

D. He just isn’t dependable.

8. How often does he take you out, either with friends or just the two of you?

A. Pretty often, we make sure that we have a good time together.

B. We spend a decent amount of time together, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be just the two of us.

C. It isn’t that we don’t go out. But, it really depends on his mood

D. We rarely go out on dates. Also, he isn’t very comfortable taking me out with his friends.

9. Do you feel like he uses you for money, sex, or other things?

A. No, I don’t think so.

B. Well, I hope not. He is such an introvert!

C. Sometimes, I feel like it. But, I am not sure.

D. He does, and I am waiting to confront him

10. What is your communication like when you aren’t together?

A. We communicate pretty regularly throughout the day

B. We communicate daily, but not as frequently as we used to.

C. He is busy a lot, but we will text after work to check-in, or even talk.

D. He is terrible at answering his phone and texts. Ironically, he is great at communicating when he wants to come over for sex.

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