How Old Is Your Soulmate Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 580
How Old Is Your Soulmate Quiz
Your soulmate is somewhere out there, waiting for the day where your paths will cross, and you’ll live your life happily ever after. You don't know who that person is, but you can feel the connection. You’re wondering, ‘How old Is my soulmate?’ Do you want to know? If yes, come along with me to take this ‘How old is your soulmate’ quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

A. Ariana Grande

B. Idris Elba

C. Morgan Freeman

2. Which would you prefer?

A. Pizza

B. Good old wine

C. Hard gin

3. Which animal do you identify with?

A. Lion

B. Whale

C. Cheetan

4. Your dream job?

A. Pilot

B. Doctor

C. Soldier

5. What is your favorite TV show?

A. Big Bang Theory

B. Blackish

C. Bill Cosby Show

6. Which of these do you prefer?

A. Music


C. Reading

7. Do you feel more mature than your actual age?

A. I feel just like a child

B. I feel just right for my age

C. Yes, a little older than my actual age

8. What is your favorite holiday destination?

A. Maldives

B. New York

C. Tanzania

9. Who is your favorite musician?

A. Chris Brown

B. Blake Shelton

C. Osibisa

10. How many relationships have you had?

A. 1-5

B. 5-10

C. 10-15

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