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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 12 | Updated: Nov 30, 2022
 How Much Do You Compromise in Your Relationship Quiz?

How much do you compromise in your relationship? Positive compromise should deepen and strengthen relationships between spouses.

On the other hand, unhealthy compromise results in spouses becoming increasingly separated. Instead of discussing the issue, each party tends to focus on protecting its interests or becomes involved in complex mental games.

Our connections at work, in our personal lives, and with friends are all strengthened by compromises. Yet, the moment we enter a love connection, all we previously knew about them seems to vanish.

How much do you compromise in your relationship, and what exactly looks like a positive compromise to you? You can use this quiz as a reference.

Questions Excerpt

1. Let's say when your partner likes the walls green, and you prefer them yellow. What will be the following action for that?

A. We settle on another color that we both like

B. Oh, ok. Green would be great

C. Of course, we settle on yellow

2. Imagine if you want to eat out but your partner isn't interested in doing one of those things. Then?

A. We order in from our favorite place

B. Going out also increases their energy. We will go out to dinner

C. I'm going to cooking for us

3. Let's imagine that you are the family's largest breadwinner and that you are seeking a new home. The one your partner prefers is 45-minutes away from where you work, but you would rather be closer.

A. I compromise my time to please them

B. We should meet in the middle. Doing what s/he wants means I wake up earlier on my way to work every single day

C. I should make this choice

4. Your partner is jealous. S/He is constantly jealous of you and this rate has started to increase. Then some day, s/he asks you not to go out without him.

A. If s/he is like this at the beginning of the relationship, I have no right to complain to them

B. I will do my best not to disturb them

C. It’s a no-no. For whatever reason, they shouldn't be asking me such a thing

5. Your partner lives in another country/city. Long-distance relationship was great at first, but now you have to live in the same place.

A. She should move into my place

B. I should move into their place

C. This is a big decision. I don't want anyone to do this until everyone is certain about

6. You got married and your partner's biggest dream is having a child. You, on the other hand, start to itch even when you hear the idea of a child.

A. Naturally, I won't have a child for whom I will be responsible just because my spouse wants to

B. I'll reconsider this idea and s/he may also consider the benefits of not having children

C. Just once or twice

7. Do you think there is a distinction between good compromise and bad compromise?

A. It's ridiculous that the concession is split into options like this. Both are the same, no difference

B. My partner

C. My friends or parents

8. How do you behave in the presence of your partner's friends or family?

A. I just pretend to be a more mature version of myself

B. Like a wallflower, I'm quiet

C. Ugh, I don't hang out with them much

9. Which section is more important in a healthy relationship?

A. Striking a balance in sex life

B. Showing love based on your love language

C. Spending time together

10. Finally, does your partner make any concessions in relationships as much as you do?

A. I do not think so

B. Maybe just once or twice, that’s all

C. Yes, s/he does

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