How Many Kids Will I Have?

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How Many Kids Will I Have?
Have you ever wondered how many kids you will have? Maybe you dream of having one girl you can spoil, or perhaps you’d love to have a house full of rowdy boys.This fun quiz will quickly predict how many kids you will have!

Questions Excerpt

1. How many aunts and uncles do you have?

A. 0-2

B. 3-5

C. 6-8

D. 9+

2. How old do you want to be when you get married?

A. 35 or older

B. 30-34

C. 25-29

D. Younger than 25

3. What is your main ambition in life?

A. Climb the corporate ladder/become CEO

B. Travel the world with my partner

C. Find a stable career that I enjoy

D. Raise a family/be a stay-at-home parent

4. What does your diet mainly consist of?

A. Fast food, sweets, red meat, soda, and salty snacks

B. I try to eat healthy, but my typical meal is unhealthy

C. I eat clean and whole foods most days, but not always

D. Healthy fats, beans, spinach, and lots of water

5. What is your BMI (or weight)?

A. Below 18.5 or above 30 (I need to gain or lose a lot of weight)

B. 30 or higher (but it's because I'm very muscular)

C. 25 to 29.9 (I could lose a few pounds, but I'm happy)

D. 18.5 to 24.9 (my weight is right where I want it to be)

6. Do you smoke?

A. I smoke cigarettes every day

B. I only smoke on social occasions

C. I don't smoke, but I'm exposed to secondhand smoke regularly

D. I've never smoked, and no one in my immediate circle smokes

7. Finally, how many kids do you want to have?

A. I'm not sure that I want kids at all

B. One or two kids would be perfect

C. I'd love to have three or four children

D. The more the merrier!

8. How many siblings do you have?

A. 0-1

B. 2-3

C. 3-4

D. 5+

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