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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 339
 How Likely Is Your Marriage to Succeed Quiz?

Have you tied the knot, or are you preparing for the big event? Stop thinking so much about the wedding and concentrate on your marriage and how you can make it work. This quiz will help you discover if your marriage is likely to succeed. Even with the freshest couples, there are signs predicting the success or failure of their relationship. A careful analysis of your thoughts and behaviors will allow you to determine the future of your marriage and also provide you with some ideas for improvement.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you ever compare yourselves to other couples?

A. Never, we are happy about our relationship

B. Rarely, and usually to fictional couples

C. Sometimes we compare to friend couples

D. We often compare our couple to our past relationships

2. Do you agree with the idea that marriage is hard?

A. Yes, but it's also amusing and thrilling

B. Yes, but you need to find a way to make it easy

C. Yes, I am fine with that

D. No, a marriage shouldn't be hard

3. Do you agree on the number of children you want to have?

A. Absolutely, and we want more than one

B. Mostly yes

C. This topic is still open for discussion

D. Not at all

4. What does a good marriage look like for you?

A. Like my marriage!

B. A marriage where the two partners respect each other

C. A marriage where financial and material resources don't lack

D. A marriage allowing you to do whatever you want

5. Do you speak respectfully about your spouse in their absence?

A. Always

B. Most times yes

C. Sometimes I do call them names when I am angry

D. Actually I complain about my partner all the time when he is not around

6. What is your face to face – screen time ratio?

A. 90 - 10

B. 70 - 30

C. 50 - 50

D. 30 - 70

7. Do you keep score of each other’s past mistakes?

A. What mistakes?

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. I think I have even written them down somewhere

8. What is your priority in life?

A. My marriage

B. The happiness of our family

C. My career

D. My hobbies and pleasures

9. How often do you have sex?

A. Almost every day

B. A couple of times a week

C. Once a week or twice

D. Once a month

10. Do you keep secrets from each other?

A. Never

B. Just small secrets like online shopping sessions

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, we often hide things from each other

11. Do you speak your mind?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Mostly

D. I don't believe so

12. Do you feel like you have your own space in your relationship?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I have some space

D. I feel suffocated at times

13. How often do you fight?

A. Rarely, we discuss things

B. We argue constructively

C. Often

D. Everyday

14. Do you trust your partner with your fears?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Mostly

D. I don't think so

15. Do you think your marriage will last forever?

A. Yes

B. I believe it will

C. I hope so

D. I have my doubts

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