How Heartbroken Are You?

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How Heartbroken Are You?
Heartbreak is rough. It can make you ill. It’s what songs are written about. It’s something almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Heartbreak is normally associated with romantic love, but you can get heartbroken because of family, friendship, work, or your passion. You may feel it throughout your whole body. It may take over your mind. It takes time to mend your broken heart, and it depends upon how heartbroken you feel. However, you can be patient and search for ways to help you and don’t close yourself off from others. So, if you have had your heartbroken and are unsure of how much time you might need to pick up the pieces and move on, take this quiz and find out how heartbroken you are.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has this taken over your mind?

A. I don’t think about it much, just occasionally

B. Yes, I can think of nothing else, I wake up, I go to bed, I brush my teeth

C. I think about it a fair amount, random things pop it into my mind, but it hasn’t quite taken over

2. Are you crying a lot?

A. More like weeping

B. Never

C. I cry a little bit.

3. Have you moved on?

A. Oh yeah, I have so many crushes, dating all around

B. How could I do that? I can’t imagine being with someone else

C. I’ve considered it, I can’t quite get there yet, but I have light crushes

4. How do you feel right now?

A. I’m sad, frustrated but also feel okay

B. I feel ill, really sad, tired, terrible

C. Fine

5. You just ran into the person? What Happened?

A. I feel like puking and I run away

B. My heart jumps and I avoid them

C. We exchanged pleasantries

6. Does it feel like you will ever recover?

A. Recover? Yeah, I mean I’m feeling okay.

B. I know I will, but it feels really hard

C. No

7. Are you cutting yourself off from others?

A. I see friends/family/ potential lovers at least twice a week

B. I just hate seeing people now, I know they hate me because I can talk about nothing else

C. I see some friends and loved ones at time

8. Choose a song to listen to.

A. Dancing on my Own- Robyn

B. I will always love you- Whitney Houston

C. Scrubs- TLC

9. Can you let go and move on?

A. I already have

B. I think I will be able to one day

C. It seems unimaginable for me to move on in life

10. Choose a romantic movie to watch now?

A. Silence of the Lambs

B. Bridget Jones’ Diary

C. 10 Things I Hate About You

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