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20 Questions | Total Attempts: 4485
How Heartbroken Are You Quiz

It's understandable that heartbreak can be difficult and affect different areas of our lives, such as romantic relationships, family, friendship, work, or passion. It's something many people will go through at some point. It can be a physical and emotional experience that takes time to heal.

While giving yourself that time and space to heal is essential, don't isolate yourself from others. There are ways to help yourself feel better and move forward from heartbreak.

If you're feeling heartbroken and need guidance, you may find it helpful to take this "How heartbroken are you" quiz to assess your level of heartbreak and see what steps you can take next.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has the heartbreak taken over your mind?

A. I don’t think about it much, just occasionally

B. Yes, I can think of nothing else

C. I think about it a fair amount as random things keep popping it into my mind

2. Are you crying a lot?

A. More like weeping

B. Never

C. I cry a little bit

3. Have you moved on?

A. Oh yeah, I have so many crushes and I’m dating constantly

B. How could I do that? I can’t imagine being with someone else

C. I can’t quite get there yet, but I have light crushes

4. How do you feel right now?

A. I’m sad and frustrated but also it is getting better

B. I feel ill, really sad and tired

C. I’m feeling fine

5. What will happen if you just run into the person who broke your heart?

A. I might feel like puking and I run away

B. My heart would beat rapidly and I’ll try to avoid them

C. We will exchange pleasantries

6. Does it feel like you will ever recover?

A. Recover? Yeah, I mean I’m feeling okay.

B. I know I will, but it feels really hard

C. No

7. Do you find yourself feeling physically ill when thoughts about the other person overwhelm you?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Sometimes

C. No, not really

8. Do you find it hard to focus on your studies/ work?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Sometimes

C. No, not really

9. Do you lack the motivation to do the things that you used to love doing?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Sometimes

C. No, not really

10. Have you been ignoring your physical appearance and mental needs?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Sometimes

C. No, not really

11. Can you follow through with plans and your old routine?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Sometimes

C. No, not really

12. Are you cutting yourself off from others?

A. I see friends/family/ potential lovers at least twice a week

B. I just hate seeing people right now because I can talk about nothing else

C. I see some friends and loved ones at time

13. Choose a song to listen to.

A. Dancing On My Own - Robyn

B. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

C. No Scrubs - TLC

14. Can you let go and move on?

A. I already have

B. I think I will be able to one day

C. It seems unimaginable for me to move on in life

15. Choose a romantic movie to watch now?

A. Silence of the Lambs

B. Bridget Jones’ Diary

C. 10 Things I Hate About You

16. Are you finding it difficult to trust others after the heartbreak?

A. Absolutely, I find it hard to open up to anyone

B. Sometimes, I am cautious but try to give people a chance

C. No, I still have faith in others

17. Do you feel like the heartbreak has affected your self-esteem?

A. Yes, I feel really down about myself

B. Sometimes, I have moments of self-doubt

C. No, I still have confidence in myself

18. How has the heartbreak impacted your sleeping patterns?

A. I can't sleep at all; every night is a struggle

B. Sometimes, I have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

C. My sleeping pattern hasn't changed much

19. Have you been having intrusive thoughts about the past relationship?

A. Yes, they constantly invade my mind

B. Sometimes, they come up now and then

C. No, I can control my thoughts about it

20. Do you feel like you've lost part of your identity after the heartbreak?

A. Yes, I feel like I don't know who I am anymore

B. Sometimes, I question my identity, but I'm trying to rediscover myself

C. No, I still have a strong sense of self

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