Quiz: How Does He Feel About Me?

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Quiz: How Does He Feel About Me?

Are you wondering if your crush feels the same way about you? Take our "How does he feel about me?" quiz to find out! This quiz will ask questions about your interactions with your crush, from compliments to future plans. Answer honestly and choose the most suitable option for your situation. You might be surprised by the results! Don't wait any longer! Take the quiz now and get some possible insight into your crush's feelings.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often does he compliment you?

A. He always compliments me

B. Sometimes, he'll give me a compliment

C. He never compliments me

2. What are the conversations like between the two of you?

A. We could talk for hours about anything and everything�

B. We make small talk, but there's noticeable awkward silence

C. We don't have significant conversations

3. Has he ever asked you out on a formal date?

A. Yes, we have been on a few dates

B. No, we only hang out in groups or late at night

C. I asked him out, and he turned me down

4. How does he behave when you're around other potential romantic interests?

A. He doesn't seem bothered and acts normally

B. He shows signs of jealousy or discomfort

C. He pays no attention to how I interact with others

5. Has he ever flirted with anyone else in your presence?

A. Yes, he openly flirts right in front of me

B. He respects me too much to do that

C. We haven't been around each other enough for me to know

6. When you are together, how would you describe the way he interacts with you?

A. He is easy to talk to, fun, and flirtatious

B. He doesn't really talk to me much

C. He is only focused on hooking up when he's with me

7. How often does he turn down invitations to hang out with you?

A. Despite my best efforts, he turns me down often

B. He has never missed an opportunity to get together

C. He will only hangout on his terms

8. How does he react when you talk about your future plans?

A. He seems interested and supportive

B. He changes the subject or seems disinterested

C. He doesn't really talk about the future with me

9. Does he introduce you to his friends and family?

A. Yes, he has introduced me to his friends and family

B. No, he keeps me separate from his personal life

C. We haven't had the opportunity to meet each other's friends and family

10. How does he respond when you express your feelings for him?

A. He reciprocates my feelings

B. He seems uncomfortable or avoids the topic

C. He doesn't acknowledge my feelings at all

11. Has he ever made any off-handed comments about possibly dating you?

A. No, he hasn't mentioned dating at all

B. He has mentioned it a few times

C. He makes it very clear that he is single and doesn't want to date

12. Does he make an effort to remember important dates or events in your life?

A. Yes, he always remembers and acknowledges important dates and events

B. He sometimes remembers, but not consistently

C. He never remembers or acknowledges important dates or events

13. How much effort does he put in when trying to impress you?

A. He doesn't seem to care about impressing me at all

B. He puts in the bare minimum effort

C. He goes above and beyond to impress me

14. How intimate have the two of you got?

A. We've kissed before

B. We meetup to have sex on occasion

C. We have never been intimate on any level

15. How long does he go without contacting you?

A. He contacts me every day

B. He contacts me only on weekends

C. He hardly ever contacts me

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