How Do You Narrate Your Love Story Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 223
How Do You Narrate Your Love Story Quiz
What is your love story? Are you comfortable talking about it and do people have to dig deep, ask questions, or do you simply sit down and start talking about your relationship? Did you meet your lover in a very unexpected way? Was it romantic? Was it love at first sight, were you simply friends at first, or you hated one another before falling madly in love. Also, do you tell your story to anyone who wants to hear about it? If you have a specific way to tell your love story, take our quiz and have fun.

Questions Excerpt

1. What are the feedback like in general?

A. Positive

B. Semi positive

C. Neutral

D. You don't really care about the feedback

2. How would you rate your relationship in general?

A. Positive

B. Great

C. No comment

D. Negative

3. Do people need to ask you questions about your relationship for you to talk about it?

A. Yes, sort of

B. Sometimes

C. No, you like to engage

D. No that's not your type

4. What type of details do you give people about your relationship?

A. The place and time

B. Outfit, sounds and smells

C. Words exchanged and facial expressions

D. You say everything and never leave anything out

5. Do people enjoy listening to your love stories?

A. Yes, they do

B. Yes,they do because they are steamy

C. Yes, because you are a great story teller

D. You think so, you don't know for sure

6. How long can you talk about your relationship to people?

A. For hours

B. A few minutes

C. A few hours

D. Maybe a few seconds

7. Do you report on people's feedback to your partner?

A. Yes, always

B. Sometimes, when you are bored

C. Yes, but only when they ask

D. No that's not really necessary

8. How often can you tell the same story about your love life to people?

A. Many times

B. You can't possibly count

C. All your life

D. Never!

9. Does your partner approve of you talking about them?

A. Yes

B. Yes, it's always fun to go through people's reactions

C. No

D. You have no idea

10. How do you feel after you tell your love story to people?

A. You are happier

B. You are more in love

C. You are happy to have made a few people jealous for the day

D. You feel like yourself, that's all

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