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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 21
 How Different Are You Compared to Your Friends Quiz?
Here is - how different are you compared to your friends quiz! "Birds of a feather flock together," as the saying goes. Have you ever taken a quiz to see how different you are from your friends? To find out, take this quiz right now!

Questions Excerpt

1. How long have you been friends with them?

A. Since I was born, for example

B. Several years have passed.

C. Several months ago

2. How frequently do you text, email, or call?

A. Every day, almost.

B. A few times a week!

C. Several times per month.

3. How often you and your friend ever said the same thing at exactly the same time?

A. That has happened numerous times.

B. Several times or so

C. Most likely once or twice.

4. How often do you have sleepovers?

A. Several days per week

B. Several times per week.

C. Never.

5. Can you make decisions without the assistance of your friends?

A. Of course, why?

B. Sometimes

C. No, never.

6. What would you prefer to do on your birthday?

A. Small get-together with your friends.

B. Taking your significant other to a concert.

C. Sit at home alone and watch movies.

7. In one word, describe your friends!

A. Smart

B. Crazy

C. Caring

8. Are you a little reserved and laid-back?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

9. Are you acquainted with any of their relatives?

A. Yes, they are like family to me as well

B. Yes, only one or two

C. No, not at all

10. Lastly, in one word, describe yourself!

A. Kind

B. Free-spirited.

C. Intelligent

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