How Compatible Are Your Parenting Styles?

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How Compatible Are Your Parenting Styles?
The birth of a child has a major impact on marriage – the truth is that things will never be the same. The partners need to get used to the new situation, to adjust to having a baby, and to find a common perspective on how to raise a child. Couples with young children often need to put themselves on the second place and attend to the little one’s needs before everything else. Children can make Read more couples stronger or on the contrary, they can worsen bad situations all the more. If the two spouses don’t share a similar parenting style, decisions related to their children will always be a starting point for fights. Take this quiz to find out if you two have compatible parenting styles. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you mind if you find your partner and your baby watching TV?

A. I may not like it much

B. I feel annoyed but I don't make a big deal of it

C. I feel frustrated because I had already told them I don't agree with the baby watching TV

D. I feel angry because they don't follow my rules

2. Do you and your partner agree on the subject of breastfeeding vs. formula?

A. We definitely are on the same page

B. We agree mostly, in spite of a few discussions

C. Sometimes they don't support my choice

D. We have completely different ideas

3. Do you often have arguments related to parenting?

A. Never

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Frequently

4. Do you feel respected as a parent by your partner?

A. Completely

B. Mostly

C. Not as much as I wish

D. Not really

5. Do you agree on your children’s sleeping arrangements?

A. Always

B. Most nights yes

C. Most night no

D. Never

6. How do you solve parenting disagreements?

A. One of us wins and the other is not pleased about it

B. Each one continues to do things their way

C. We have never had such disagreements

D. One of us compromises

7. Do you ever read parenting books or articles together?

A. Yes, quite often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. My partner won't agree to do it

8. Does your partner ever do things that shock you as a parent?

A. Never

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Often

9. What would you think if your partner wanted to send children to private school?

A. I would ask them about their reasoning and discuss the situation thoroughly

B. I would agree without thinking too much

C. I wouldn't understand their decision

D. I would not even consider it

10. Have you and your partner been raised the same way?

A. Yes, and I think our parents would have been friends

B. Mostly yes

C. Not really

D. No, we were raised in completely different ways

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