What Kind of Vows Are Right for Us Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 30
 What Kind of Vows Are Right for Us Quiz?

What kind of vows is right for us- This is one question that all couples about to get married face.

After all, vows come from the heart and will be carried forward for a lifetime. So the vows have to be special and unique. If you are still in a fix of the right words for you, then take this quiz to feel at ease on your wedding day.    

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of wedding are you planning?

A. A simple wedding

B. Cozy with a theme

C. Something grand

2. How would you describe your relationship?

A. Adventurous

B. Committed

C. Fun

3. Do you plan to bake your wedding cake?

A. No, you won’t

B. You might

C. Obviously not

4. Do you have a guest list ready?

A. We are not there yet

B. There’s a lot of adding or subtracting to be done

C. We will only call our friends and family

5. Who is more responsible in your relationship?

A. You are

B. Your partner is

C. You both are

6. How often do you talk about your wedding?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. We don’t really talk about it

7. How good is your humor as a couple?

A. We laugh a lot with each other

B. We are quite a serious couple

C. There are a lot of jokes between us

8. Are you sharing the bill for the wedding ceremony?

A. Yes, we are sharing the cost

B. No, we are not

C. They won’t let you pay

9. How did you meet?

A. We met in college

B. We met at work

C. We met online

10. How do you feel around each other?

A. Safe

B. Happy

C. Content

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