Quiz: Does She Like Me Back?

10 Questions
Quiz: Does She Like Me Back?

Not knowing whether the woman you like or fancy likes you back could be pretty daunting and exhaustive for a person who is trying to get the said woman’s attention or love. There are times where the signs may be clear as the sunshine and other times where the signs would be gloomy as the night. Albeit, there are ways and signs to look out for to settle your confusion and that’s exactly what this quiz, “Does she like me back“ will reveal to you.

Questions Excerpt

1. When was the first time you met her?

A. A few days ago

B. Months ago

C. A few weeks ago

2. Do you consider that the two of you are good pals?

A. Yes

B. Not at all

C. Sort of

3. How often do you chat with your crush?

A. Very often

B. Rarely

C. Occasionally

4. Do you have her thoughts lingering on your mind?

A. Sometimes

B. Not at all

C. Not really

5. Has one of you become temperamental or annoyed?

A. You

B. Your crush

C. It was mutual

6. What caused the friendship to stall?

A. Trust Issues

B. External influences

C. Nothing in particular

7. Is your crush dating someone else?

A. Not at the moment

B. You can’t really tell

C. Probably

8. How does your crush act when she sees you?

A. She is welcoming

B. She is harsh

C. She is nonchalant

9. Have you and your crush had a falling out?

A. She seemed to be sad about

B. No, but she would be nonchalant about something like this

C. Yes, and she seemed heartbroken about it

10. Do you constantly bump into each other?

A. Yes, totally

B. Not really

C. Occasionally

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