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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 22
 Does a Pisces Man Like Man Quiz?

Everyone expresses their love in a different way. We all have unique ways through convey just how much we love another person. It can be concluded that the way and manner in which people express their love is based on their own experiences, backgrounds, temperaments. However, a person's zodiac sign also influences how they act when they like you. 

Do you want to discover the traits men of the various zodiac signs exhibit when they like you? Take this ‘Does a Pisces man like me’ quiz to find out the answer.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your Pisces man express his desire to spend more time with you?

A. Yes, but he says that nervously

B. Yes, totally

C. Not really

2. What do you think a guy will do when he likes you?

A. Be supportive of your dreams

B. Listen to you

C. Extent kind gestures

3. How will you attract the attention of a guy you like?

A. Through his body language

B. Through his eye contact

C. Through gifts

4. How do you express your love?

A. Physical touch

B. Kind actions to help others

C. Words that make them feel validated and better about themselves

5. Are you a romantic or a pragmatic lover?

A. Romantic

B. Pragmatic

C. A combination of both

6. Why do you respond to the advances of a guy who likes you?

A. Act shyly

B. I’m very responsive

C. I play hard to get

7. What are the gestures you expect from a guy who likes you?

A. To shower you with gifts

B. To speak sweet words to you

C. To spend time with you

8. Are you willing to make the first move if the guy is shy?

A. Yes, why not

B. Not at all

C. I’m not too sure

9. Are you likely to date your friend?

A. Absolutely

B. Never

C. Maybe

10. How long do you want to know a guy for before dating him?

A. For more than a year

B. For a few years

C. Time does not really matter

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