Does My Husband Respect Me Quiz

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Does My Husband Respect Me Quiz
When it comes to relationships respect is very important. It is not only a sign of love but also a sign of commitment from both partners. So, a wife should respect her husband like a husband should respect his wife. When it comes to husbands, they often get more power than their wives because they are most of the time the providers. But, it has been proven that successful men depended a lot on their wives’ advice and their support behind doors. So, do you think your husband respects you? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think your husband’s lack of respect is caused by you?

A. Yes.

B. Not necessarily.

C. Probably

D. Absolutely not

2. Are you happy with your marriage?

A. Yes, very happy

B. No, not so much.

C. It depends on your mood.

D. Sometimes you feel very lucky.

3. Do you think your husband is exemplary?

A. Yes, he is a great husband and a great father.

B. Yes, he is fun to be around.

C. Yes, he is very consistent.

D. No.

4. How does your husband show you he respects you?

A. By telling you he loves you.

B. By giving you kisses and hugs.

C. By offering you gifts.

D. He doesn't really respect you.

5. Do you think you deserve your husband’s respect?

A. Yes.

B. Yes, like most women

C. No, because you've done lots of bad things.

D. Why shouldn't you?

6. How do you show your partner that you appreciate them?

A. By telling them how much you appreciate them

B. By wearing lingerie at night.

C. By offering him gifts

D. By cooking him a great meal

7. How does your husband prove you that he respects you?

A. By telling you he loves you

B. By proving you, he loves you.

C. By helping you around the house

D. By doing nothing

8. How much do you trust your husband?

A. A lot.

B. A little bit.

C. Not at all.

D. Sometimes you do trust him.

9. Do you think your husband trusts you with his life?

A. Yes, of course.

B. No.

C. Not with his money.

D. Yes, because he says so.

10. How many times has your husband told you that he loved you?

A. Several times.

B. A few times.

C. Only once.

D. Never!

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