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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 119 | Updated: Aug 26, 2022
 Does He Want Me Sexually Quiz?

Although sex is an important aspect of a romantic relationship, it doesn’t define a relationship entirely. Some people take time to open up, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sexually interested in you. 

People usually feel nervous around the person they are attracted to. And if a guy shows interest in everything associated with you, he likely wants to be more than just friends with you. 

If the question, “does he want me sexually” is hovering over your head, then this quiz will help you find an answer. Feeling sexual tension around someone you are tracted to is pretty normal. However, the question is if they also feel the same.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he talk about his other sexual interests with you?

A. Yes, he does

B. No, he doesn’t

C. Sometimes, not often

2. Does he look for occasions to touch you?

A. No, he doesn’t

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, he does

3. Is he dating anyone?

A. No, he isn’t

B. Yes, he is

C. I am not sure

4. If there arises a need, can you call him at any time of the day?

A. Yes, I can

B. No, I can’t

C. I think so

5. Does he discuss his personal life with you?

A. Yes, but superficially

B. I know a lot about him

C. He doesn’t discuss his life with me

6. Does he get nervous around?

A. No, he is comfortable with me

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, he always gets nervous

7. Has he ever ignored you when you needed him?

A. Yes, he has

B. No, he hasn’t ignored me

C. Rarely

8. Is he a good decision-maker?

A. I don’t think so

B. I think so

C. I don’t know

9. Can he take care of himself financially?

A. No, he can’t

B. I think so

C. I don’t know

10. Is he always well-behaved and well-groomed around you?

A. Not really

B. Kind of

C. Often

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