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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 22 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Do They Love You Secretly?
Love is not always straightforward and loud. It can sometimes remain hidden behind inner insecurities or shyness. You may have a love interest in mind and wonder, do they love you secretly? Even though they have not openly admitted anything, you may notice some signs that make you question if they feel the same way. Or, you may have a friend of yours and suspect that they may secretly want something more. If you are eager to see if this person may love you secretly, take a look at the following ‘Who loves you secretly’ quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do they immediately jump to your defense in front of others?

A. Yes, on every occasion, even if they may be attacked for it themselves.

B. Sometimes, when they are particularly interested in the topic.

C. They do it from time to time and look rather calm.

2. Do they want to know all about the little details in your life?

A. Yes, they ask me tons of questions and always want to know more.

B. They ask me lots of things, but they do not seem that interested in the details.

C. We talk a lot, but they usually share more details about themselves

3. Do they want to be close to you in social situations?

A. Yes, they always seem to gravitate around me, or watch me from afar.

B. Yes, they occasionally come to where I am standing.

C. Not really, they engage with everyone just the same.

4. Do they find any excuse to touch you in social situations or when you are alone?

A. Yes, they may take my hand, touch my waist, or even caress my face.

B. Yes, they may sometimes playfully grab me by the shoulders, poke me, or hug me.

C. Not really, they seem to act the same way as with other people.

5. Do you notice that they always listen to you, yet get uncomfortable whenever the topic of your previous relationships comes up?

A. Yes, more than once, and their whole appearance changes.

B. Maybe a bit, but they do not seem that upset.

C. No, not really.

6. Do they find excuses to spend time with you?

A. Yes, I seem to run into them all the time and they go out of their way so that we can be together.

B. They sometimes look for me and we have a good time.

C. We see each other regularly, yet they spend time with other people as well.

7. Do they create in-jokes that only the two of you understand?

A. Yes, and they often bring them up in front of others.

B. We joke around often, but we do not have our own thing.

C. Not really, we have fun with the rest of our friends.

8. Do they seem to mirror your actions and emotions?

A. They empathize a lot whenever we talk and often do the same things as me.

B. They sometimes engage in the same hobbies or actions as me.

C. They are understanding but do not go that deep into my life.

9. Do they look confident in front of others, yet sometimes seem a bit awkward around you?

A. Yes, they may become more self-conscious or fidgety, blush or stutter.

B. Maybe not awkward, but they look more energized and upbeat.

C. They do not seem awkward or different in any way.

10. Do they look for your eyes when in public?

A. Yes, they sometimes stare at me continuously and I have this strong feeling when our eyes meet.

B. They glance at me often and try to get my attention when they speak.

C. Not that often, they seem to look at other people just the same.

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