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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 95 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Do I Want A Relationship or Just a Friend?
It is pretty normal to long for a loving relationship at some point in life. Most people desire a relationship, which leaves them confused if this is genuinely what they want or are just going through a state of loneliness. Is this the boat you’re in, or do you just need some extra attention right now? Taking this ‘Do I Want A Relationship’ quiz will reveal to you which one you need.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you think about getting into a new relationship, do you feel:

A. Completely ready

B. Hesitant but wistful

C. Totally not prepared

2. If you had to either get back with an ex-partner or stay single, would you:

A. Get with your ex

B. Consider getting back with your ex, but stay single

C. Choose to be single right away

3. You go out to dinner with a friend. The whole night you:

A. Talk about wanting a partner

B. Enjoy the time with your friend, but think about finding love

C. Focus on your bestie

4. Your past relationship ended:

A. Months ago

B. Weeks ago

C. Just last week

5. Thinking of what you want from life, do you desire to:

A. Get married

B. Enjoy dating here and there

C. Stay single

6. When you ask your friends for advice, do they:

A. Say you’re ready for a new relationship

B. Advise you to wait a while longer

C. Suggest spending more time with them instead

7. If someone asked you out, would your response be:

A. A confident “yes”

B. You need some time to think about it

C. An instant “no”

8. Thinking about the amount of time you spend with your friends, is it:

A. Too much

B. Just the right amount

C. Not nearly enough

9. Your ideal partner is:

A. Someone you already know

B. A stranger for now

C. Non-existent

10. You feel like getting into a relationship right now would be:

A. The healthiest option

B. An okay choice

C. Not the best decision

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